Vetterli 1881

Just to revive the topic a bit, the latest BP acquisition!

Last incarnation of the Swiss vetterli rifle, model 1881 stutzer, featuring Mr. Schmidt's double set trigger. For those that don't know the vetterli system, think of it as a bolt action rifle with the magazine and feed mechanism of a winchester 1873.

This one was made for a private individual so it's in absolute mint condition with matching BFO bayonet. Wood appears to be walnut.

I haven't had any luck tracing the name.

We turned up one of these on a search in NI years ago, complete with a load of (elephant gun) 10.4mm ammo - not quite in the same pristine condition!


The Italians re issued these in WW1 in orginal calibrre and also sleeving the barrel to 6.5 Carcano using a weird swaging method called the Salerno method which was developed in Birmingham. I wouldnt fire one but hey some daft fecker had to!
Is it a rim or centrefire?

A mate of mine has one that has been converted to centrefire.. he uses cut down 8x50 lebel cases.. shoots really well!
It is still rimfire and it shall remain so but I'm scouring for a spare bolt to convert to centrefire, I also ordered a spare cartridge elevator since the original one is blued and I don't want to damage the finish.

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