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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by masher69, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. is the vetrans badge a proper way to say thanx to those of us who served and didnt serve on any op that rightly deserved a medal , is an armed forces medal the right way to go, i have the vetrans badge and no medals but i didnt do anything to deserve one , some guys i know wont go to rememberence sunday as they dont have a gong surley youre cap badge is enough to be proud of and to show that you served or am i wrong?
  2. oldbaldy

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    You lost me.

    You didn't deserve a medal or you don't deserve a badge or you want a medal to show you served somewhere but not on Operations or you want everyone on a Rememberance Parade to wear a beret to show their capbadge.
    More clarity please.
  3. you kind of answer your own question, the badge is a generic thank you for services rendered, medals are awarded for that extra bit which goes into an op - UNFICYP the exception as its a tour not an op (I think) :)

    Rememberance Sinday shouldnt be about showing off the tin, its about remembering the dead, or so I seem to recall. Walts have made it into a farce in some areas with everyone from the local scout master to the boys brigade turning up with gongs.
  4. i think that the vetrans badge is a fine way to show that you served as is the cap badge of regiment /corps
  5. i agree hammy but some people still want a gong to wear , i have been to rememberence sunday without anything for years it has never bothered me as it is about those of us who have been killed on active service , my granfather never went as he thought it was a celebration of war and he did his own thing at the local war memorial
  6. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Op Tosca?
  7. What is the feeling on the term 'veteran'? Served 25 years, including Operational Tours in UK and Gulf yet still feel slightly uncomfortable with the term. Can't help thinking it is used to pacify us and make it look like our current Government really understand or appreciate or even care what it is like to be a serving serviceman/woman or a former serviceman/woman. Strikes me they have borrowed it from the Americans, just using their terminology isn't going to change the cultural attitudes that have become imbedded in the UK in the last few generations. It appears being a 'veteran' in the US really means something, can't see how we will change attitudes in the UK just by referring to us as 'veterans'.
  8. Nice one, been twice and never knew that. I need to pay attention in lectures.

    If people want gongs to wear, then do an op but service shouldnt be graded on how many medals you have. How many people came out of the 70's and 80's with long service completed without any medals? dosent mean they are less of a soldier. Sometimes its the luck (or un luck) of the draw.
  9. Good point. I am only in my late 30s "cough" and the term veteran is something that I would label my granddad with :)
  10. I will be 52 on Saturday, and am a Grandad, no problem with either, no offence taken. :) I just feel they are jumping on the American bandwagon. Caught the end of an article on GMTV this morning on my way out the door Simon Weston was on it I think they are considering creating a 'wounded in action' medal a la 'Purple Heart' perhaps I didn't pick it up right. Giving the guys medals whilst laudable isn't the answer if they are not supported in theatre i.e. manpower and equipment or are not looked after financially if they are so severely injured they have to leave the Service.
  11. all good points , my wife says that i dont deserve a vetrans badge as i did nt go into any hot spots and therefore deserve sweet fa , i have got a vetrans badge but when do you wear it?
  12. Personally I say stick your badges and generic medals.

    How about giving the guys who deserve it some cash instead?

    I am sure someone who is qualified for a purple heart type thing would much rather a 50% increase in their pension.

    Bits of tin and coloured ribbon! Wow thanks.
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I suggest you open the clasp and stab your wife in the arrse with the pin....
  14. It is always good when we (those that took the shilling) are recogonised for the possitive we have done. We should stop short of the American ethos on medals and expect a round off applause after cleaning a weapon.
    The vets badge was a long time in the making and the British Legions' and like minded folk campained long and hard to give you the right to bear the badge in honour and recognition of your service. Up to your neck in muck and bullets or not, wear it with pride. :highfive: