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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by yvonne28, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. Hey,

    I was hoping somebody could give me some info on joining as a vet tech. There seems to be limited info on this trade.

    I know that places are limited and want to know roughly how many spaces are available each year and if they are activley recruiting for vet tech as this is the only thing I want to join as. Is it unrealistic to expect this? The guys down at my careers office didn't seem to know much about this specific trade.

  2. Thanks Diversify,

    I have looked at all the info on the army website and it's very helpfull in understanding what the job entails and the recruitment process etc.

    I notice you are an ex VT RAVC. Is this the trade you entered the army as or did you transfer? How many VT's do they take on each year? Is this a trade with good prospects for promotion?


  3. I transferred in from another corps and in those days the trade was VT/Clerk.

    I do not know how many a year but the promotion prospects were very good and I left as a Warrant Officer. Unfortunately I do not have any email address contacts for you but you may try phoning the Defence Animal Centre in Melton Mowbray (they may be in the book) if not ask your careers office for a telephone number and see if you can scrounge up a visit to the centre (worth a try :) )

    Good luck and I hope that you get somewhere this time


  4. Good advice,

    I'll get on the phone today and the idea of a visit to the defence centre sounds amazing, I'm pretty sure I can use my powers of persuasion to arrange that :D


  5. Yvonne,

    Times have changed in the RAVC, lots!!

    VT's are now expected to dual role, usually as a dog handler for op tours but also often as the unit G4 rep (stores person) in theatre.

    The VT trade is often 'reviewed' when cut backs are being sought. There is a train of thought that the army could do without its vets (Officers) and vet techs, even on tour. After all, the Americans have very few military vets; they just pay civi vets to work in op theatres.

    The dog handler trade has recently seen massive increases in it's numbers. For example, not so long ago there was approx 20 dog handlers (trainers) based in Germany. Now, when the current uplift is completed, there will be 164; these are all additional posts, not reallocated handlers.

    In summary, the RAVC will survive for a long time; dog handlers will be around for a long time; vets and vet techs are still having to justify themselves on a daily basis. Work it out.

    PM me for any particular questions you may have.

    BTW, I am NOT a 'scab picker' (Vet Tech) but I can get you all the info you need. :lol:
  6. Mr Google is your friend and knows almost everything Tel: 01664 418600
    Fax: 01664 418684