Veterinary conundrum

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. Took the dog to have her annual booster jab.
    The girl says,"We have a new vet today.She is Polish,but she is very good"
    Sure enough,Polish,very pretty,brunette,lovely fun bags.So we are discussing the dog,my mind wondering whilst looking down the front of her white coat.
    So I ask what weight the bitch should be.I get a dagger look from her,and she says,"I prefer the term "lady dog"
    I think she is joking,but no,she is serious.
    So my question.
    Should I just ignore this PC crap,and enjoy the view of her fun bags,or ask for another vet?
  2. I'd check to see if "she" has a cock if I were you!

    Tell her it's your dog, she's a bitch, and you'll call her a bitch if you like!

    Then forearm smash her in the grid, inject her with the booster, and check for the meat and 2 veg.

    IF there are none, then rape must be's the law.......I read it somewhere.
  3. Ignore the PC crap and enjoy the fun bags.


  4. Sounds like a bovine...

    Stare longingly at her tits and start calling her "Baby"... That really pisses them off...
  5. Just say "oh sorry, I was talking to the dog"
  6. I hate going to the vets ...
  7. Tell her it's your language, she's a bitch, and you'll call her a bitch if you like! And if she doesn't like it she can fuck off back to Poland and providing cheap blowjobs to stag parties.

    Is it just me or a foreigners getting too damn uppity these days?!
  8. Let me know where this vet is ... I shall take my dog there and as he had his nuts off not so long ago will refer to him as the "lady boy" ....

    ... and I want to check her chebs out :wink:
  9. A litre of Hagendass served up on a bed of thruppeny bits. 38D please !
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Rape is such an overused word these days, I prefer the term "Surprise sex".
  12. Ahhhh, now I'd agree with you there....but the law still uses "rape" so it needs to be "rape" to be within the legal boundaries.

    Now....if you were randomly walking through a park?!?! That'd be suprise sex :) Also known as USE.....Unexpected Sexual Encounter

    So next time you hear a lady say "I feel USEd" you know what she's talking about. Women! Never happy!