Veterens badge ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by polar69, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. There are lot of us who wear them. There were a few on parade in Ashtead over the last few weeks.
  2. i wear mine with pride,, every day.
  3. Face it mate, you're an old git. Apply for it anyway, cos it's free and it's yours, and some day in the future it may be good for a couple of beers.
    These are the sort of things Walts have wet dreams over, nothing specific on it, still a bit new, and already on Ebay.
    You're only as old as you feel anyway.
    I feel fcuking ninety
  4. How long do they take to arrive ? I sent off for mine over six months ago and have heard nowt !
  5. About 6 to 8 weeks is the norm. I got mine, and then a second came with my tickets for the Falklands 25 bash.

    edited to add re-apply
  6. Mine took 2 weeks.
  7. I applied for one for myself and put through the applications for three other blokes. All badges were received within two weeks.

    I do not wear mine as through nothing to do with service I am now disabled, with a heavy limp, and am partially sighted. Wearing a Veterans Badge would give people the wrong idea.

    It's still nice to have the badge though.
  8. Last night whilst out in edinburgh on the lash, I discovered that not only does the badge get you a seat on a crowded bus, it also is a pulling magnet! Started chatting to two thirty something birds, who turned out to be air hostesses (Hello Alison, Hello Collette). Next thing I know I am being offered coffee and all sorts back at their gaff...

    God bless you Mr blair, no longer can we say you have never done anything for the services! Apparently the girls thought it was a good sign of a nice reliable ribs are still aching from that one!
  9. I was in the US last week and found that I was given an upgrade at my hotel due to the fact my veterans badge was noticed on my suit lapel.

    I wear mine with pride, did the time and am proud to have served.


  10. Me as well,I wore mine when I went to the Memorial Arboretum
  11. I got my badge within 2 weeks of finishing 22 yrs, I explained to a work mate of mine who was ex Cheshires that he should apply for his and he got it 2 weeks ago, within 8 days of applying, he applied on-line so I would apply again, maybe you will get 2!!
  12. I noticed a while ago that someone was selling what looked like cheap copies of the Veterans Badge on ebay. Tw*ts want lynching! :x
  13. And why the fcuk are we not getting the sweaty slappy sloppy knob wiping details?
  14. Vet Badge on Ebay

    Looks like the seller is using his service number as his seller i.d

    Do you think it devalues the whole idea behind it?