Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by datumhead, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. We are going to train you to jump out of a aeroplane atached to some string and a bit of silk, then when you land go fight the enemy........."

    This must have been like someone now saying stand here whilst we transport you using this ray gun.

    Few years ago I met some para veterans in amsterdam, beautiful sunny day and there were these old boys with their berets on having tea and being aproached by kids, teenagers & adults just wanting to say a few words or have a photo taken with them. Still had the charm for the ladies and to see the regard they were held in was, humbling.

    Not saying they did it all themselves, we have the american media for that, it's just that as a civvie I feel that we are being conditioned to feel less and less pride in our veterans, regardless of which conflict they served in. Recent posts on arrse have even reported councils trying to ban rememberence day parades.

    Who is not moved by the dropping of the poppies at the televised service, the grave of the unknown soldier or the remaining survivors of the first world war, diminished by the only enemy they cannot beat, time.

    They say the last WW1 "tommy" will be afforded a state funeral.

    Why not each serviceman and woman?

    Do they deserve any less?
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    You might try doing a site search to see where that idea started!!!!
  3. One site of Remembrance in South London has a Greek Orthodox Church opposite. We were tasked with ensuring the area remained free of vehicular traffic and to ensure no parking nearby - temporary cones used.

    Guess what - the bubbles drove up and just parked where they wanted.

    When asked to move they stated they did not observe Remembrance nor recognise it and they needed access to their Church.

    You can imagine the response that got - especially as 50% there were ex-mob.
    One turned to him and blatently stated, "Well you lot didn't help us in the last war so I doubt you'll be helping us here."

    Out with the notebooks, FPN's and a shout for vehicle removal sorted the matter out with the exception of one which was towed.
  4. DH follow link
  5. Great story!

    BTW if you visit the Greek National War Memorial in Athens and like me manage slowly to decipher the Hellenic alphabet, you will find that one of the battles commemorated is 'EL ALAMEIN'.
  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I remember one of the first rememberance days i took part in, back when i was a naive young 17 yr old. During the speeches at the local cenotaph/memorial, my eyes flicked around the crowd (and it was a big crowd), and i was surprised at the number of men of a certain look and age with tears in their eyes. At that time, i dont think it really sunk in of the sacrifices made by HM forces since ww2.
    Without meaning to sound big headed, i will be proud to wear my tour medal this year, so i feel i can at least look the aged gents in the eye, although i have had only a vague glimpse of what they went through.

    Grr at the greeks. Might be worth pointing out the numbers of brit and commonwealth soldiers who died trying to defend their countyr in 1940
  8. A few weeks ago I ran into an old Commando in Brugges. Ex-11th Hussars he had liberated Brugges in 1944-5 and was on a trip to his old stamping grounds. He was accompanied by a lovely Belgian lady, wearing a hussars brooch. She remembered being liberated by the commandoes of which he had been one as a young girl. She had met with him a couple of years ago when he had missed his bus during a rememberance trip and they were great chums.

    Given his age, I hadn't really twigged how good chums they were until she said something about going up to the room, at which point he passed her the key! Fantastic drills...he was pushing ninety and she would be late sixties...old soldiers never die, they merely go on behaving badly but with class!
  9. On the subject of low turnout at Rememberence parades. I attended many when I was serving and being in uniform I felt part of it and proud to be there. Now I am no longer serving I sometimes attend on Rememberenca Sunday in civvies. I do not feel the same!!. I feel like somebody who is a bystander. I have no medals to wear and I feel awkward. I do not want to take any limelight from those who proudly wear thiers. Should I go wearing my "Cherry Beret" to identify me as an ex serviceman or would this make me look stupid?
  10. Do it!

    Certainly the order of the day I would have thought.
  11. No mate you would'nt look stupid.
    Every year at the service and march past in St.Peters Square Manchester there are loads of guys wearing their berets,besides you will probably get chatting and end up three sheets,or better.

  12. Why would this make you feel stupid ? I attend RS every year but dont wear my beret for several reasons a) Its now rather motheaten & I,m too tight to shell out on another b) I hated wearing the things while serving & c) I,d only lose it in the RBL club/pub afterwards. I do have a Blazer mit badge but on the last couple I,ve worn a smart whistle with a Corps tie. Anyways its all about showing your respects. I personally dont give a fcuk what people wear as long as they are there to remember & pay thier respects. Wear what you want & be proud of your service ITTS2 nobody will think you are stupid.

    Regards LT.
  13. I met a man in his 80's collecting in central london for BLESMA 2 years ago. He lost his leg at Osterbeek in 1944.
    I wrote him a cheque as I did not want him to get mugged.
    Very humbling experience
  14. A few months back I had the pleasure of meeting a vet from Arnhem, formerly Ox and Bucks and was visiting the Green Jackets. I dont know what was more touching- the young lads currently in the Regiment taking him to one side and asking to shake his hand or the fact that this ex Sgt braced at the current RSM ( "once an RSM...)and was so humble about his role in history.

    As a (female) outsider, I was very proud of both new and old.
  15. Why not get a blazer with Your regimental badge to go on it, that is what I would do if I could afford it