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I just posted a message on an other website, I think now it should have been on this one! To repeat myself we are forming a local branch of THE NATIONAL MALAYA & BORNEO VETERANS ASSOCIATION in the Manchester area. Any Service personell, Police, Civilians attached and of course Ghurkas who served at any time in Malaya, Borneo, Bruni or Singapore may join. Please contact me at for futher details. Yours in comradeship, Bob Thompson.MM.
Further to my last post. The first meeting of the new branch will take place at the "OLD MONKEY" public house, Junction of Princess St/Portland St., Manchester City centre, @ 1300hrs. 07 January 2007. All Veterans and Serving Personell are most welcome. After the first meeting we will meet the second Sunday in each month.


I've said it before about these cards, just be careful. These type of cards are available from trade unions to knitting clubs to 5 a side pig rustling teams, The discount you might fancy now may be gone next week.
Pegasus, have you been in touch with SPVA? When it formed at easter it took into its fold the Veterans Agency up at Norcross. They are the main organisation for veterans (with all due respects to every other one, from the recognised ones to the fly-by-nights and the jobbing amatuers who do it for all the right reasons). regards and best wishes
Visit which is FREE to all serving regular, TA, Reserves and Retired HM Forces. No fancy plastic card just an A4 certificate if you are no longer serving. But NO Registration or Yearly fees.
Can't belive that my lad has done 5 years as an Office (he is 27 years old) and has a verterans badge. What is the minimum requirement to become a vet?


As far as I am aware there is no time criteria. Turn up and collect a badge.
Conductor said:
Can't belive that my lad has done 5 years as an Office (he is 27 years old) and has a verterans badge. What is the minimum requirement to become a vet?
A Veteran of the British Armed Forces (defined by the Government as any person of any age who has served in the Regular or Reserve Forces)
I have just started a charity up called Veterans International Aid to help ex service personnel adjust to civilian life after serving on operational duties.

We are planning to take ex service personnel on adventurous expeditions to help them adjust by using the skills they learned in the Forces to help the people we come in contact with.

L/Cpl Beharry's incident of fighting in the street is very common amongst ex service personnel. They feel isolated and unable to talk to civilians about their experiences and feel they don't fit into civilian life.

They miss the camaraderie of the daily Forces life, the banter and the friendships.

Even after leaving the Forces, we never really become civilians, just ex Forces. I was in the Army myself, and the Army take great pains in teaching you how not to be a civilian and to work as part of a team.

They don't then teach you how to become a civilian at the end of your service.

Many of the injured whether it be through battlefield injuries or normal rigours of the job injuries, have to leave the services early through no choice of their own.

That leaves a massive void in their lives that they find hard to fill. The Forces are very social and everything revolves around doing things together.

Once you take that structure away, they find it hard to fit in.

This is what VIA intends to help with.

We are planning our first expedition, which is an overland expedition around the coastline of Africa.

We plan to leave at the end of 2010 depending on the funding we receive and political situations. We will leave the UK and travel through France and Spain, then cross to Morocco.

From there we will follow the coastline, where possible down the west coast of Africa. Upon reaching Cameroon, we will team up with the charity Drive Against Malaria and help distribute mosquito nets in remote areas of the country.

We will also be looking for other tasks to do on the way or arrange before we go.

The idea of helping with aid work around the continent is to get our ex service personnel to help themselves by helping others.

It's the kind of jobs that the British military used to do all the time but because of limited manpower and too many commitments, our forces get less chance to do these days.

Our Forces accumulate so many skills during their service, most never use them again after leaving but it is such a waste as these skills can be used throughout the world to help others.

L/Cpl Beharry would be the ideal person to be involved in our expedition and I hope this can be passed on to him.

If anyone would like to contact me about VIA or the expedition you can email me on
'm an ex Royal Engineer who has just started a charity to help ex service personnel adjust to civvie street. If you go on to our website you can read about what we are trying to do.
To coincide with Armed Forces Day in June VIA and our partner charity Talking2Minds, also run by ex Royal Engineers are taking 8 veterans who are suffering with PTSD for treatment using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
This is a new way to treat PTSD but with tremendous results and Talking2Minds currently has 400 veterans awaiting this treatment with numbers increasing every day.
VIA is the second stage of this treatment. We plan to take veterans who have been treated for the sympoms of PTSD on expeditions where we plan to use the skills the veterans already possess from their military service to do aid work in the places we go and for the people we meet on our travels.
It would be great if we could get something on your site to promote what we are trying to achieve.

Billy MacLeod

Veterans International Aid


Personally and with due to respect to these "discount cards" I'm a bit wary of businesses doing these things. Charging these kinds of fees for membership, when other organisations do the same for nothing, is a bit off. Veterans have already earned their discounts and the business community should know this. Possibly the RBL or MOD/SPVA are better or safer options. Then again, who the fweck am I to comment?
oldbaldy said:
As far as I am aware there is no time criteria. Turn up and collect a badge.
I read somwhere it was

one day after training for ex regs

one year after training for TA

not sure but it just sticks in my mind


Conductor said:
Can't belive that my lad has done 5 years as an Office (he is 27 years old) and has a verterans badge. What is the minimum requirement to become a vet?
"To promote recognition of veterans by the wider British public the unique and unifying symbol of the HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge is available to all those who have served in HM Armed Forces.
The HM Armed Forces Veterans’ Lapel Badge was launched in May 2004 by the Minister for Veterans, to raise the profile of veterans by assisting the wider public to recognise them." Because they got off their arrses basically :D
Conductor said:
Can't belive that my lad has done 5 years as an Office (he is 27 years old) and has a verterans badge. What is the minimum requirement to become a vet?
What type of office was he? :D I do hope he was adventure training and not pay..... better class of office

I guess im now in the right place ,i wanted to tell people about Action For Armed Forces

Non profit,not a charity either ,these guys have done loads for the armed forces but they were subject to a media blackout because the goverment new people would go mad!!

they chained themselves to buckingham palace and alsorts!!

i dont know much about them myself so i cant give a big write up but this is there website

Kent buffs
If anyone wants to order a Veterans Challenge Coin in time for Chrimbo they should do so in the next few days.

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