Veterans vow to find Walter Mitty Remembrance Day marcher


Winged dagger of the SAS and a special forces' veteran badge
Military Cross, with bar signifying Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service
Distinguished Service Order (DSO), including bar for Mentioned in Dispatches
Foreign cross, thought to be Polish
Queen's Commendation Medal
Military Medal, the rank version of the Military Cross for privates
Distinguished Service Medal
Meritous Service Medal
Campaign Service Medal.
South Atlantic Medal for the Falklands
Gulf Medal for the first Gulf War
Accumulated Service Medal - worn back to front
Saudi Arabian Medal for the liberation of Kuwait and the Kuwaiti Liberation Medal
Four more unknown foreign medals
I don't think Walting adequately describes this.

Uber-Walting or Mega-Walting might come close.

These guys either have a very peverse sense of humour or, in all likelihood, are a few sandwiches short of the top floor.

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