Veterans suffer in architect p!ssing contest

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, May 23, 2005.

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    It gets worse - Two Jags (aka four houses) may order an inquiry, condemning veterans to live out their days in temporary accommodation. It just goes to show that you can't escape sub-standard accommodation, even in your retirement! :evil:

  2. Sounds like a cat fight between a brace of Poofs.
    Chelsea Pensioners, did their bit years ago probably before these tarts where born and are now being used as ammo.
  3. Wouldn't it be great if, just once, HM could get involved and tell all the big "I am"s to bugger off out of it. Failing that, DofE could have a word... :twisted:
  4. Oh look, Lords Rogers and Foster using their NuLabmconnections to make more money for themselves while inflicting yet another grossly inappropriate modernist abortion on a fine old building.

    The worst damage that the Luftwaffe did to British architacture was failing to bomb the Foster and Rogers residences.
  5. Yes, but at least we threw Foster back at them with the Bundestag building! :wink:
  6. Architects make me spew! They spend seven years studying for their quals and then build a glass-roofed atrium that it is impossible to wash, right in the middle of Seagull Alley! I'd like to take one out with me "on the windies" one day.

    It beggars common sense that apparently intelligent, aesthetic types like Foster and Rogers can be so obtuse. If their designs are what we should be aspiring to in modern architecture then I suggest a timely return to nice warm caves or wattle and daub huts is indicated.
  7. I lived in a building once that had won architectural awards. Features included:

    Not all walls meeting at 90° - great for pushing desks into corners
    Built-in kitchens using bespoke parts that were immediately obsolete
    Ceramic hotplates set into built-in stainless steel work surfaces with no expansion gaps so that when they got hot the whole thing warped
    Sinks built into the same work surfaces with no slope towards them
    Paper thin walls that enabled you to hear everything
    Dark hallways and corridors

    And the whole thing looked like a cheap Spanish hotel...
  8. Typical of those w*nkers Rogers and Foster Foster's fcuking gherkin a vibrator look alike replaced the Baltic Exchange which was meant to be rebuilt exactly. However the contractors tore it down the day before the courts were due to impose the order then we were told how much London would look with a phallic object on its skyline.

    Bladensburg is right
    "The worst damage that the Luftwaffe did to British architacture was failing to bomb the Foster and Rogers residences."