Veterans Rosette?

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Markintime, May 31, 2012.

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  1. '.....Flew to keep us safe during the Cold War'....?
    I smell Crab.
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  2. Just another bit of tat, what's their Charity Reg no?
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  3. I honestly know nothing about their organisation but they seem to be collecting on behalf of other charities, would they have a charity number on their own?
  4. Send off your Card Details and address and let us know how you get on!
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  5. Veterans Jubilee rosette ? ... hmm :roll:
  6. I don't tend to wear badges etc. So I shan't be buying one.

    I put it up here so members can make up their own mind.
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  7. I'd rather just donate to a charity of my choice and let them keep all the money.
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  8. It's the phrase "after expenses" that worries me. Remember Geoffrey Archole's Kurdish 'charity'?
  9. I want a veteran's baseball cap, like the Spams. I can just see myself now, cutting about the ALDI with me titfer' on, reminding it's German owners who won the war and who saved them from becoming ALDISKI.
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  10. You'll need to buy a Harley Davidson to go with it.
  11. A very weasel phrase that can mean anything but probably best translated to "after we have skimmed off as much as we dare and probabaly a lot more than you would believe possible".
  12. This is genuinely where it is being run from. Note the two sheds.

  13. "Wanted, 1 million veterans"

    I'll bet, at 5 quid a shot that 5 million, even if he/she/it gives half of that to the charities he/she/it is making a nice little earner out of it.

    Thats all I will say about it.
  14. You may well be right.

    If you put your quote into context it refers to 2012 being the Diamond Jubilee of the Avro Vulcan and the 50p per badge goes to help keeping the last one airworthy. It goes on to mention you can opt out of it too.

    So maybe not.