Veterans Refused Benefits under "Loopholes"

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by abrecan, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. Just seen this news item. Old chestnut, but people are obviously struggling because the DWP are refusing veterans Income Support if they are receiving a war pension (£58 per week).

    Link: (source: BBC website)

    A fecking disgrace.

    Funny how the DWP throws money, furniture, cars and homes, at other "groups" aint it? Anyone been given a car or a new home yet then?

    We are living on the breadline, and some of us know what that's like don't we.

    DWP says that war pensions have to be taken into account when assessing benefits. But, a measly £58 a week?

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  2. You can raise your views on IPM, well thats what Eddy Mare said. Is a bit of a kick in the chops, to get told here is backdated money only for DWP to claim it as a over entitlement.
  3. Nort having pop at the veterans Agency, nor the work that RBL do either. But the same happened to me, get the back-dated pension on the one hand and the DWP claws it back with the other.

    Are we supposed to think that disabled Forces people in the future will be forced to live on the breadline too? Shame on this administration I say.

    "All disabled people are entitled to a range of other financial assistance"
    well, we're just the same as everyone else then aint we, not having become disabled through service or wars or anything like that then...

    Kick in the teeth?....too right it is. They don't give a monkeys, do they.
  4. Not only those on a war pension, (Their need is of course greater) any pension benefits are taken into account. So if after completing your service you get a pension, don't go to DWP as I did cause you might as well be pissing in the wind.

    I found myself off work for about 5 months, so went through the job seekers process.

    In the end I PAID for a course to secure temporary employment, which incidentally coincided with my dreaded sign on date. Because of that I was told I had to sit in front of a review panel, (two people) to see if the claim I made was still valid and would be continued, in other words they did not believe me.

    FFS all I wanted was my stamp paying, in the end told them to FO. They the staff could not be happier to lose one off their books, job done.

    It was nice to be sat next to 'Miss Poland', who was being told the TWO cheques should arrive this week. NEVER AGAIN.
  5. I don't think there is any cause to complain about a normal service pension being counted. After all it is income and you will continue to get it after you have secured employment.
    I agree wholeheartedly that a disability or war pension should not count and that a special case should be made for those compensated for injuries.
  6. You won't get any argument from me, just pointing out that the system sucks. We pay into it, but when you need their help it is not there, that's all. And when you take action, you are penalised for it.
  7. I wouldn't set foot inside a Jobcentre for any reason. Changing their mentality is going to take a long time. The old mentality still reigns though and the DWP have the control to some extent. A lot of new agencies have their work cut out coaxing folks back into revised, intelligent and welcoming environments, after the damage already done in Jobcentres.

    Out with the old and in with the new, I say. And if Social Policy Makers and campaigners are looking, spare some of your efforts for us will ya?
  8. The rules for means tested benefits are harsh and you need to lobby the MP's to get them to change the legislation. As for not going near the jobcentre - you don't need to "set foot inside a Jobcentre" all claims are done over the phone. When you lose your job you should claim Jobseekers Allowance as its automatically paid if you have been working for the last 2 years. Granted its only £60.50 (over 25's only) a week but its better in your pocket than the DWP's. If you haven't got a job after 6 months thats when you get caught up on all the means-tested crap that covers the benefits system, If you are invalided out you obviously can't claim jobseekers allowance & would need to claim the incapacity benefit or the new version of it - Earnings support allowance & I have no experience of how thats gonna function. The rules for Income Support are as a single person your total weekly income can't be more than £60.50/week(known as the applicable amount), if you are married and have kids that changes & you need to claim child tax credits - if you have ANY pension its taken into account. A couple on income support can't have a total weekly income greater than £94.95/week so if your partner is working & you have a pension your likely to be over the limits. As was mentioned in the news the DWP only disregard the first £10 of any war pensions, similarly most councils disregard the first £10 for council tax & housing benefit, some disregard the whole war pension( Glasgow). The whole income support system is a nightmare for disabled forces personnel as I know. I have seen a few cases where the service personnel have been given a lump sum payment and since its more than £6000 they are automatically disqualified from income support. This case is currently being appealed but means the serviceman has to pay some rent & council tax. Disabled personnel should claim Disability living allowance as it is not means tested and if you qualify for 1p of income support your applicable amount rises by £25.85 (single person), couple £36.85. I have opted out of my works pension as theres no real point to it as if I qualified for any state benefits I'd lose them when the pension is paid out.
    Its really up to the military family to start lobbying the MPS to get the lump sum payments to disabled personnel and the war pensions disregarded for income support purposes. Thats if there is still income support there to claim.
    I'm a civi but work in welfare rights near a forces home and meet many military personnel affected by this and the biggest problems seems to be the sheer volume of forms. Housing benefit, council tax benefit, disability living allowance, carers allowance, severe disability premium, then a change of circumstances form for housing & council tax again. I know we see plenty of junkies but they must be stealing to get the cash they have as the benefit figures are not that high - I know some who if they get disability benefits are on £200 a week and I don't mind the genuine ones who are ill but get mad at the scroungers. And the pensioner couples can get up to as much as £400 a week and not have to pay rent. If you don't claim it you won't be offered it & thats where the forces and pensioners get tripped up, Pride is a great thing but its useless when you can't heat the house or pay the rent so go to welfare rights - our staff won't judge you, the more money we can get out of the DWP the better.
  9. Don't wish to argue but I spent 40 minutes on the phone and then was given an appointment at my local JC 8 days later, then the turmoil started.
  10. dont go to a jobcentre, the trick is to become such a pain in your local VA office that they will pay you to go away but you need lots of support from your local RBL office, it took me the best part of 20 years and a trip to the USA to get what i needed. THE DWP,VA, have a totaly negitive attitude and the only way to beat them is by persistance to an extream and have a bird from the RBL come to all interviews, medicals ect
  11. Thankfully, and I wish you luck I am not in such a position, I only wanted my stamp paying. Anyway as I said, never again. Would be easier robbing a bank :wink:
  12. check out "write to them" site and hammer them with your prob, with luck someone just might listen
  13. And then you would have probably got your course for free!
  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Sh1te I have organised a visit from the VA to try and increase my pension, it hasnt been reviewed since i was med discharged aged 22 and that was (ehem) a while ago. Any advice?
  15. "Don't wish to argue but I spent 40 minutes on the phone and then was given an appointment at my local JC 8 days later, then the turmoil started."

    I know - the interviews at the jobcentre are called "back to work interview" and all new claimants have to attend one after they claim over the phone - I hate the phone system - my dad was invalided out because of hearing problems - how the hell is he meant to use the phone - he can hardly hear me when I talk to him, its mostly lipreading. I get into a fight with the jobcentre every time I request a paper form. As you know the interview on the phone is hellish - at least your claim appears to have been done - I know of loads of folk who got to the end of the phone interview & the computer crashed so the claim was lost & they are asked to call back again. Its worse if you only have a mobile as you get charged premium rates. many of the experienced DWP staff were made redundant and the new ones don't know or understand the system - our local jobcentre frequently give out the wrong information, its always worth asking an independent welfare rights officer or citizens advice, RBL & VA for more info, SAFFA also contact us for advice as well so its like no one agency knows everything. We have problems getting info out of the VA as well so I don't know how service personnel get on with them. Recently we started involving MP's in complaints about the DWP but as local authority employees we need to be careful about this.