Veterans Railcard

Will it also work on the underground/buses? Is there any sort of reciprocal agreement with the railways?


Is it a one off payment of £25/£30? Or will it have to be renewed like the regulars?
It's a handy thing to have. If it's like the other rail cards, you can get three years for £70.00, which is even better value. You can also link your Oyster Card to it and get the same reductions on the TfL network.

I do wonder if there is anyone left who is not eligible for one or other of the rail cards.

No idea but it will get you 30% discount at all station retail outlets.
Better yet, you can use them when you buy tickets on So, even more of a fare reduction.
As an aside, if you’re under 60 and in receipt of a War Pension or GIP you are entitled to a Veterans Oystercard. This gives free travel on the London Tube, buses, trams, Overground and local trains. Doesn’t matter where you live. More details here


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Guv'ment (At last.) does something positive for veterans.

Arrsers complain.

( In 1960, nowhere in Britain was more than five miles from a railway station. The food and service may have been atrocious, but it worked, mostly. )
That’s a tall claim. What about the mountains in Scotland, Wales and northern England? Sparsely populated areas? I know there were mountain railways and the Ft William line etc, but those weren’t everywhere. It would mean you could draw a circle on a map of 10 miles diameter and not hit a railway line. That would surprise me, if universally true.

I know there’s much nostalgia for the pre-Beeching era, but it was dying on its arrse. There’s still some of it today with Parliamentary trains - what a crock of shit they are.
Where do you draw the line?

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24 years service and several tours seems a fair line, anyone who does that deserves half price ale for life. Anyone doing less can go **** themselves.


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While a nice little bonus, it not exactly life changing or essential for the majority of people.

I do however see a rise in people claiming to be veteran for having been kicked out in basic training 20 years ago.
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...can I get me Tufty Club badge too? And the Secret Handshake?

Awwwww, chizz!


A perfect example of "Be seen to be doing something while actually doing **** all".
You can can a far better deal or at least the same for the money through the existing card schemes like Club 50 that I use. Plus why wait another 10 months to introduce it?
I think this is a great idea. Of course it is not a benefit to everybody - and it's not much benefit to me - but I'm not going to complain about it, it's a start in the right direction.

I don't use the train. I can't remember the last time I did - certainly not in the last 12 years. It's not that I wouldn't or don't want to but because of where I live it is quicker, simpler, easier, cheaper, more convenient, more comfortable and less of a logistical complication to get to the places I want or need to get to by car.

What would benefit me more is if it was a combined travel card where I could use the bus and tram network as well.

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