Veterans Pensions

I write about Major Richard Perkins (Rtd) who has had a 7 year struggle to get the tax on his pension repaid. He has a website now to highlight his plight, . It makes interesting reading what ministers have said in Parliament about pensions and eligibility. Most interesting is a copy of a letter from Tom Watson MP - who at the time of writing in 2006 was Parliamentary under secretary for Defence - on recompense by the MOD for injured personnel, especially those suffering from PTSD. What do you think?
thanks for looking at the website. I see you have written a lot on PTSD and hope you are making progress since your therapists so accident prone!.

I'm not sure how helpful Tom Watsons letter was, but if it cna benefit others, please pass it round. I would like Major P to get his money, so he can enjoy it in his final years - he's 89 - I think the MoD are hoping he shuffles off, like some others.

I would like to get this topic circulated in the hope that his petition may get signed


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