Veterans Pension - could you live on £41.74 per month?

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by modpi, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. While 98 Veterans have been asked to repay their overpaid pensions, Major Richard Perkins (rtd) is still waiting for his army pension to be correctly paid after 42 (forty two) years. PATs tribunal found in his favour in 2001 yet the MoD still wont concede. Mike Smith, The Times Defence correspondent writing on 6 November 2007 called it "Cheap & tawdry". As an ex-major, of exactly £479.74, the £438 rent leaves £41.74 to live on per month, plus the OAP. Not very dignified. Major Perkins (89) has a website to highlight his case there is also a petition to 10 Downing Street to reinforce this case please go & sign it
  2. Done, an outragous situation. All of those involved should hang their heads in shame. It's penny pinching in it's worst form.
  3. Done, and am getting very embarassed and bitter with this Government and their handling of the country
  4. Are there contact details for Maj Richard Perkins? His case was mentioned in BAFF circles some weeks ago by a much younger member, but it has been raised with me again by our one (so far!) ex-Chindit - the same man who insisted we support the Pun VC campaign! :D We could at least give some added publicity to Richard's excellent website -
  5. Seconded billc old boy, used to be a time when almost anyone would like to come and live in good ol' UK now the only ******* that come are low lifes
  6. A total disgrace. Those responsible should hang their heads in shame.
  7. Perhaps one of the resident MoD appologists would like to speak up here even if only to say "Nothing to do with us squire"

    <aside to any spin doctor reading this>
    Wouldn't cost much to put this right in contrast to the huge ammounts of wasted money elsewhere in the system and would give at least one good news story this year(1)

    (1) Looking like out for a duck so far...
  8. however

    "The MoD is bound by government accounting rules to correct any errors in payment but has not requested any money to be reimbursed by the individuals concerned," the statement continued.

    "Instead, a submission is being made by the MoD to the Treasury to write off the overpayments on their behalf."

    does this mean that the MoDs request to have it written off was refused? I thought that those affected were just having their future pension payments reduced to the actual amount that they are entitled to.
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    A face to the story:
  10. at no point is it mentioned in any credible news source (i.e not the Daily Mail) that the personnel concerned will have to pay any of the money back, the treasury (tax payer) is going to take the hit.


    So apart from the fact that the pensions will revert to the entitlement, those involved wont have to pay it back.

    Even the chap who should never have received a pension probably wont have to pay it back, although he will lose his as he isnt entitled to one. It may be a bit rough but arent we all usually the first to jump all over someone who isnt entitled to a military pension/benefits etc.. getting one?
  11. I tend to agree. If they aren't / weren't entitled to it then tough. The fact they are ex-servicemen/women is totally irrelevant.

    It is unfortunate and I hope that the issue can be resolved at the treasury (ie, not having to pay it back).
  12. Ok so why dont the MoD just pay this Major, get some good PR and write off the money like they are for the others?
  13. just out of interest, why did it take him 40 years to decide to complain?

    The MoD arent the tax office therefore owe him nothing, so there is nothing for them to pay. As for the tax office, it is obviously easier to clear a debt than reimburse someone for 40 years worth of tax.

    It is a very sad case, he needs to get the MoD and Vets agency on side and help him in his case against HMRC and not use a website to slag them off.
  14. He didn't decide to complain. If you read the website, which is factual, he was just one of 178 others identified by the APC in 1998 following some investigative work by Major John Perry rtd. The others got theirs, except those who died waiting, but the MoD claimed his discharge wasn't due to disability. That was overturned by PAT tribunal in August 2001. If we didn't have the website, you would never have heard about this
  15. Rather looks that way, judging from what is on the website, which is well documented.

    Maj Perkins is not one of our members; however at the request of two members we have added his website, with consent, to BAFF Links Page.