Veterans Pension and joining the TA.

After leaving the army I received a veterans pension for a 20% disablement injury.I do not want to go into great detail what the injury is, but I do have quite a good level of fitness.....there are just a few things I cannot do.

Question is, if I take up an offer of going for the TA in a specialist position....the job I am doing as a civilian right now in fact, will I have the veterans pension taken off me?
Well, that depends on what code / chapter your discharge was under i.e med discharge as you are trying to join the TA you will be classed as a re-joiner and will need an A FB203 Special Enlistment and will go through the Occupational Health at APC. So I would not get your hopes up in getting in as the medical standards are the same as the regular army requiring an RG8 med forms to be completed.

Thanks for the rather rapid response.

I left on regular discharge after 16 years service, not a medical discharge and had managed to get back to P3 after the main operation I had while serving.

From what I understand from the consultant surgeon, the reason for 20% disablement was that the surgery should be a perm. fix in theory as long as I do not take the mickey and go to any extremes and keep sensible with what I consume etc. I suppose the best thing would be to do a full medical and see what crops up.

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