Veterans Outreach Support & Advice

[align=center]Ex-Service Veterans - Outreach Support and Advice (Portsmouth)

1500 - 2000 1st Wednesday of the Month (from Wed 2nd July 2008)

Dr Morgan O’Connell [recently Chief Consultant Psychiatrist to Combat Stress] and John “Joe” Erskine [SSAFA – Forces Help (Portsmouth)], together with Dave Watts, [General Manager of The Royal Maritime Club], have put together a “Veterans Outreach Support” programme for ALL Ex-Service Veterans and/or Family Members of Veterans.

The venue is The Royal Maritime Club, Queen Street, Portsmouth between 3pm and 8pm on the first Wednesday of every month. (If demand is high additional dates may be made available).

The exact details are still in the Planning stages but basically it will be a "Drop in Centre" where ANY Veteran, or family member of a Veteran, can come for an individual private chat with a Doctor (TBC - may be by appointment only), Psychiatrist (Morgan O'Connell), and/or a Therapist.

There will also be an Advice Centre where representatives of the following Ex-Service Organisations will be in attendance:-

The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmens Families Association - Forces Help
[SSAFA - Forces Help]

The Royal British Legion [RBL]

Combat Stress
[The Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society]

The Services Personnel and Veterans Agency [SPVA]
(Welfare - War Pension/AF Compensation etc.)

The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust [RNBT]

The idea is that any Veteran, or Family Member of a Veteran, can drop in, just for a confidential chat with the Doctors or Therapist, AND/OR for advice from the Agencies AND/OR to take the opportunity to meet up with other Vets and have a chinwag, maybe a meal in the restaurant and/or a few drinks in the bar. Use the time to arrange to meet other Vets there to have a social afternoon / evening in an informal friendly atmosphere amongst friends, if you wish. It is not intended to hold any sort of group sessions; unless a particular group of individual Veterans request one and that session will be private and confidential to that group.

If any Veteran, or Family Member of a Veteran, wishes to attend privately just to have a chat with the Doctors or the Therapist, they may do so by just coming along OR by ringing Dr Morgan O'Connell on 01329 834512 to make a specific appointment. If you get the answering machine then PLEASE leave your name and number and Morgan will get back to you within 48 hours. This is his office telephone at his private practice and it is only manned three days a week.

PLEASE NOTE that this programme will be subject to change as the Scheme evolves and other ex-services organisations join.

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