Veterans not getting the help they should What do you think

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by daredandwon, Mar 21, 2009.

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  1. I am veteran who is not getting help for mentel health issues - The local area health have said the do not have the experienced staff to treat me. Combat stress have stated they do not have the staff to treat me for my chronic mental health issues.

    Veterans need special unts for sever PTSD - The USA have special PTSD drop in clinics -You would think the British system would have the best after treatment plans in place for veterans as we have fought in more campaigns than any other nation since WW2 !

    If you have or have had a problem with the veterans sytem let us know about it at . The website has bulletins for expressing our anger,feelings or situation !

    Share your experience at
  2. PM Hackle.
  3. What do I think? The SPVA have washed their hands of Mental Health issues within the the ex service community, I have the letter to prove it, much like the letter I got from the Dept of Health, they too could or would not answer my questions.

    The problem being is that successive government, BUT this one more than most have burried their heads in the sand, while more and more are now returning from the Sand Wars, discharged and left the the mercy of the NHS.

    There ARE those who IF they are being treated by Combat Stress, are being REFUSED treatments in the NHS, or IF they get into the NHS system, being told they may have as many as 12 triggers and the PCT can ONLY afford to treat TWO!

    MAP is there, however only this week Dr Ian Palmer stated that HE does not know the level of those affected by PTSD and it is HE who should be helping the GP when referred to come up with and assessment to help the individual cope and get the treatments they and their families NEED!
  4. Get onto your local Mp and press too. It's only by raising the profile will anything change. Kick up a fuss!
  5. Anyone want copies of said letter, please PM me with your email address and I will forward them to you.

    Apart from Hull PCT who have a dedicated service for ex military with Combat / Service Related Mental Health and WHY is that, THEIR CEO is EX Military 'Christopher Long' RAMC.
  6. I have done that too, as well as the Defence Select Committee and the Health Select Committee too, the head of the NHS and Mod, perhaps it is time WE marched on parliament as long as we get the licence from the Met Police!!
  7. He's done this in the Charities forum as well. Either this or that should be locked.
  8. Tried that with RBL backing in the South Wales Echo last year but got more people taking the urine than help
  9. It's okay Ross Kemp is doing this work with the troops in Stan, perhaps he should now do some work with those affected with Combat / Service Related Mental Health, put it on PRIME time TV and make one and all very well aware of the rapidly growing problem in both the serving and ex serving community.

    Combat Stress's work to -date has been with ex NI Vets, they unless funded from central government and MORE CS home are set up giving CBT and EMDR, as well as a "Home away from Home", CS will NOT be able to cope, only adding to the prblem NOW!
  10. They still do WW2, Korea, Falklands, Balkans, Aden and others too.
  11. Combat Stress did a presentation last November at Hull KC Stadium, called Beyond Combat, their figures showed that over 90% of their work is with NI Vets, I don't doubt they have ex military for all over conflicts, however many who were in NI also went to the Falklands and we have heard how many since their discharge have committed suicide, again reported at the same conference in Hull.