Veterans not getting the help they should What do you think

Veterans are not getting the help they should,pensions are low, there is little or no back up for veterans with PTSD and other Mental Heath issues. is a website where veterans can publish their issues about the shortfalls in the system.

Have you a war pension issue ?
Have you not been treated for a War pension injury.
Have been neglected regarding treatment for PTSD.
Have you had a bad deal from the veterans agency.

Inshort is about getting noticed - The things that are taken for granted and ignored by the UK Government.

So join and let the world know your issues.
A worthwhile cause and a decently laid out website.

Only thing I think you should clarify on the front page is the "The low payments for a war pensioner. £154 maximum".

Say what period this is over. I know that the figure must be per week as I get substantially more than that each month, but I'd hate to see a guy that had got stiffed that was only getting, for example, £150 a month, taking a quick glance at this and thinking that there was nothing he could do about it. I know it goes further into it in the link, but not everyone follows them if they don't think there is help to be had.

Good luck and well done for setting it up.

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