Veterans: New rules on Incapacity

Posted this elsewhere but want a rant, hang the consequences and better said than not said. If it's been tackled before, I'm sorry.

By personal experience, the new drive to get people back to work, including ex-service people (with physical and mental health issues)
does not appear well managed. Some may have different experiences.

Pathways to Work: Health and psychological services are not at the forefront of these Pathways projects (Jobcentres by their other name). There is plenty of funding, but tight holds on purse strings and little emphasis on treatment and recovery. Its "get a job now".

Make sure you get what you're entitled to. These companies are getting funding of millions of pounds.

How the hell do civilian employment staff begin to understand PTSD and physical trauma? These places are Employment Agencies, in reality.

People are being "mandated" to attend job coaching and skills assessments in often ham-fisted job advice teams.

These job coaches work to targets of three people in work, per week. Catch my drift? And there is little privacy in job interviews, meaning everyone is liable to overhear what "jobseekers" have to say.

Job coaches with little or no knowledge of ex-service issues include european immigrant job coaches ( no offence intended), and only one "health professional", not Occupational Therapists between fifty people and to coach ex-service people who may well require treatment and the services of Combat Stress or trauma services, before they are packed off to work!

In my own particular job, we are expecting chaos. Social Policy organisations have their concerns, too.

Thankyou, rant over :wink:
Ab (somewhere on a yacht in the Indian Ocean by now)
But if you are Eastern European you can go home and still be payed your dole money and child benefit, hanks to EU legislation.

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