Veterans medals

Can anybody tell me the regulations with regards to wearing your deceased relatives medals?? I.E if a family member is in possesion of their Grandads War Medals, are they entitled to wear them on the right breast for remembrance day etc??

If this is the case what is the protocol with regards to wearing minatures and full size?? SHould it be full size unlesss at a mess kit/black tie function or can minatures be worn on remembrance day?
I believe medals can be worn by next of kin when in civilian cloths on certain occasions, such as Remembrance Day, and must be worn on the right hand side. I do not think it extends to grandparents.

For more detailed information write, phone or e-mail:

Ceremonial Secretariat,
Cabinet Office,
35 Great Smith Street,

Tel. 0207 276 2777
Fax. 0207 276 2766

Who will pass query on to relivent department if they cannot answer. I have e-mailed them in the past, and always got a reply.

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