I don't know if anybody saw this on FB?

How does one march on facebook?
March against Terrorism?

Reminds me of something, a quote perhaps, from the 60's...

Ah yes...

I cocked up my about turn on my spinny chair, I was facing the same way I started looking a bit confused. So the same as my regular drill was really.
It's on my Facebook feed as well. The SAS have really let themselves go, the fat ****.


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Did I see two of our moderators on that vid?
Assuming they aren't all walts its a bit sad that people who served thought it was a cracking idea to create an EDL (Ret) years after even Mr Robinson worked out the original was a bone idea.
6 people attended? I'm telling people I got my Vet's badge for ******* livestock - it's less embarrassing.
Well, you did, didn't you?


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On a serious note ... I don't know that public displays of dodgy Army Instructor skills are the way ahead but the point about keyboard warriors (myself included) strikes a chord. I look to Arrse as an informative and relevant forum. Information surfaces from interesting places and it is one of the quickest news sources but a bit of an echo chamber if our points of view go no further ......


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Well! Thats them muslamic infidels told!

But I think this chap put his point across better;

I don't know why people still reference that. The bloke's real name is Alfie Farrah-Pilkington and his double barrel name is because his parents are posh, not unmarried. It was a RADA 2nd year project. I thought everyone knew that.

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