Veterans lose nuclear weapons test damages bid.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. Hundreds of ex-servicemen exposed to radiation in British nuclear weapons tests have lost a Supreme Court bid to launch damages claims against the MoD.

    Link ... BBC News - Veterans lose nuclear weapons test damages bid

    What a joke! ... Did it ever occur to the supreme court that these veterans have been hampered for decades by any means necessary by the MOD and the other powers that be to stop them from suing.

    The only winners here are the lawyers .... as per usual.

    This is a national disgrace.
  2. The view from the ministry remains that no causal link was proven between witnessing up to 20 test explosions and any subsequent medical conditions.
    Time for the minister to feed his child another hamburger for the cameras, or perhaps take some enriched Uranium to school for a show and tell?

  3. No casual link? I suppose that the government and MOD would dispute the fact that radiation causes cancer if they could get away with it, or is this just another "in your mind" complaint that the veterans were complaining about.

    I think that these nuclear testing veterans have been cold heartedly cheated and proper justice has been simply denied to them.
  4. And why do you think that? Is the court not impartial enough for you?
  5. Nukes cause illness? Well call me a dirty old man!
  6. Presumably there has been a proper statistical survey of nuke veteran health vs. that of similar group of civvie males?

    I was surprised to hear how many veterans remain, given that most of that age group have died off anyway through a variety of causes (not least the almost universal heavy smoking of that generation....).
  7. Didn't the US courts take a different view about their test Veterans?
  8. From Legion Magazine:

    At Rosenblatt, the law firm acting for the veterans, consultant Stephen Evans notes that virtually every other country has agreed to pay compensation, “it’s just the Brits” that are left, he says. “Russia, China, Australia, USA, Canada and even the Isle of Man have all compensated their veterans.

    Prime Minister Anthony Eden apparently stated in a 1955 letter that any side-effects for troops would be, “a pity, but we cannot help it.” With hindsight, one thing is certain, watching the tests at close proximity – with no protection other than covering their eyes with their hands – was never going to boost their health.
  9. This is par for the course in Britain and always has been regarding ex service people, Job done chaps? right'o piss off now and we,ll cal you next time we need you, close the door on you way out. Barsteward government.
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  10. HM Government at its finest... again.
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  11. It was alway going to be an uphill struggle for Douglas Hern, Litigation Secretary of the British Nuclear Test Veterans Association,(pic below) to prove his own causal link:

    'Bone spurs, dry skins, warts and diabetes' ?
    Most elderly folk in their mid-seventies might well think; 'He should be so lucky' if that's the full extent of his geriatric illnesses. None of the above are uncommon in the elderly.

    It's an undoubted tragedy that his daughter died of Cushing's Syndrome, but most medics are likely to agree that the illness has little chance of being due to her father being exposed to radiation.

  12. Neighbours is a naval veteran of this last bloke on his ship alive all the rest died of various cancers not involved didn't think they'd win.
  13. The MoD's lawyers, maybe. The Ministry says in its news blog that

  14. I have heard this claim put forward as evidence by the campaigners, though whether it refers to the same ship, I have no idea.

    But logic suggests, Who would know?

    Most ex-service organisations (the normal, and usually the only, point of contact for most ex-servicemen ) only represent a minority of those who served in a given unit- a large number leave the service and are not heard of again - even in this age of internet surfing.

    Sadly, a lot of old ex-servicement will die of cancer-related illnesses but more likely the facts behind the above claim by the test veterans are purely anecdotal.
  15. It would appear that every time a British veteran puts in a claim as part of a group action no matter how severe, the case is always thrown out or dismissed on the grounds of the usual excuses .... All in the mind, lack of evidence, out of the permitted time frame, lost medical records, unable to access information because of the official secrets act block, unable to sue the crown, Battlefield immunity, medical condition would have happened anyway after so many years ect ect.

    In other words, the establishment will make sure you don't win your case.

    In my opinion, the all new Military Covenant is not fit to wipe your arrse on.