Veterans International Aid (VIA)

Hi All

I am posting this on behalf of VIA as in 2014, they intend to have an Australian Expedition to raise money and public awareness into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Combat Stress and many more mental and physical disabilities suffered by our service men and women in the present day conflicts around the world.

The intention is that a team of 12 ex-service personnel and 4 person support team yet to be selected will undertake a very challenging and ambitious fund raiser.

The expedition is called 'Walk of Discovery' (also a newly formed group on facebook) and the team will walk from Perth, WA to Brisbane, Qld. The route will be from Perth to Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie to Laverton, Leverton to Winton along the Outback Way and Winton to Brisbane.

The team of 12 will walk in pairs for up to 3 hours a day covering about 10kms a day each and hopefully a joint effort of 100kms a day.

This is planned over a 10-12 week period, bush camping along the way. Every couple of days will be a rest day and usually be on a campsite at a roadhouse along the route.

VIA would like an expression of interest for ex serving ADF members interested in doing this so that it is a joint ADF and British Armed Forces expedition.

It is preferred that the volunteers be of the group we are trying to help as well as raise public awareness. Billy McLeod in the UK is the organiser, but I can take any enquiries into this.

It is also planned to try and organise some extra curricular activity for the volunteers on rest days. This is also to be confirmed.

The walk will hopefully take place during Australia's winter months to reduce the risk of dehydration and other risk factors, such as snakes or weather induced illnesses.

Just so that you know I am an ex member of the British Forces and a current member of 3 Sqn, Pilbara Regt, (Res) Perth, WA. I live in Perth hills as a resident and have traveled along most of the Outback Way myself so I am under no illusion that this is an easy expedition to take on and understand the risks of the volunteers.

Volunteers will also be expected to get sponsorship, current rate for the British contingency is £5,000 each, so I would imagine this will be a similar amount for the Australian contingency. This will show commitment and confirm that you are a serious volunteer.

Please share your thoughts and certainly give me your details if you want to take part.

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