Veterans ID card

Anybody here got one? Is it well worth forking out or are there hidden clauses on the discounts advertised?
Did I hear 'discounts'? Can I have one even though I am still serving ???

I did hear that you get one free with every BAOR medal you buy!!
Ah, so its a bit mickey mouse then is it?

Dunno about the baor medals etc, would not apply to me.
To be honest I don't know - never even heard of it - check our the RBL site, they usually promote the genuine stuff that's worth having

There it is. Apparently it's gaining recognition. I only heard about it today in the local rag. Was an article about one of our local booties.
Just saw the website, looks pretty pro but not sure about whether it is worth joining just for discounts.

Dont forget:

open to veterens as well
I've got one. Thought it might be the way forward. It's only valid for a year. Not sure if I'm going to renew it next time round.
OK, call me Mr Cynical, but £27.50 to join for the first year then £12.50 per annum afterwards, MMMmmm, somebodies making a buck!

Can anyone who is a member confirm whether it's worth it or not???
I've had a look at the forces discount site and also the veteran's one, weighing them both up etc. Considering the annual cost of the card, I could foresee it paying for itself in not to long a time, considering there are no hidden clauses / small print etc. One benefit I could see is that it provides an easy way of identifying yourself as a veteran. Most of the offers of discount on the forces discount require a certificate of entitlement anyway. If the veteran's card is widely acknowledged and quoting whatever number on it is an acceptable form of verification then I can see it's worth, for example trying to book something over the phone etc.

Cant help feeling its maybe a bit mickey mouse though and somebody's trying to cash in on what is sadly a growing industry. Hope Im wrong.
Legion membership does it for me. Those seeking further proof are shown my '24****** O pos C of E' or Regl capbadge tattoos.

Gone are the days when i'd get away with showing the one on my ARRSE:)


The discounts don't actually seem up to much.
I can usually get the same or better without one.
IndianaDel said:
Why would I need a card to "identify" myself. Veteran or not, I still know my name when asked!
As you get older you may not 8O

Mainly for the attention of any War Pensioners on here who receive a War Pension or have received a War Pension Gratuity, the Service Personnel & Veterans Agency (SPVA) now issue, free of charge, an 'identity card' identifying that the holder is a War Disablement Pensioner.

The card is plastic and 'credit card' sized and has the holders details on it as well as the SPVA logo and address etc.

To obtain the free 'id' card, just ring the SPVA at Norcross on 0800 169 2277 and ask for the card. After answering a few questions over the phone to confirm your status as a War Pensioner, the card will be sent to you within a couple of weeks.

I have had mine for about three months now and apart from anything else it is very handy for proving entitlement to things such as veterans offers etc.

Pete (War Pensioner)

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