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Veterans Healthcare - what the NHS owes you...


Book Reviewer

what ho Seniors.

Given how well connected most of you are ( ' Young Dannatt? Good egg generally....I was his first Platoon Serjeant y'know...' ) I expect you are all well aware of this document.

if not....take a peek....

key section is this bit:

Priority treatment
If you have a health problem that you think is related to your time in Service, your GP may be able to have you referred more quickly for any hospital care that is needed. When referring a veteran to secondary care for a condition that (in their clinical opinion) may be related to their military Service, GPs are asked to make this clear in the referral – as long as the patient is happy.

If you do not already receive a war pension for your condition, your secondary care clinician will have to determine whether or not the condition is likely to be related to your time in Service. If it is, your clinician will be asked to prioritise you over other patients with the same level of clinical need. Veterans are not given priority over other patients with more urgent clinical needs.

In the spirit of ' For what it may be worth'........

Thank you Ladies and Gents,

Don Cabra

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