Veterans give flag burner a choice...

Discussion in 'US' started by Khyros, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. 'Cause the trooper who wrote the incident record made the pillock eat it?
  2. Funny how we could get treated like that for FLYING our flag in UK
  3. Now that's hilarious! :lol: It's almost a shame that the joker didn't select option two, i.e. going mano a mano with a fit seasoned war veteran. I would have wanted to see that. I've got a lawn chair and a cooler of beer in the car if he ever wants to burn another flag.! :p :p
  4. Scary thought... there's a world of differance between national pride and ultra nationalism and it seems a small minority who can't tell the concepts apart can create havoc once they get elected.
  5. Good.
    personaly if it had been an antiwar protest then thats his right however you might feel and he brings his own flag.
    but this was just an American chav being a git so desrved all that came his way :D
  6. Pity the Sheffeild cenotaph pi$$er wasn't treated accordingly.

  7. Cremation?
  8. There's time... :wink: