Veterans Fund must pay Mod £10.000

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Recce19, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. This really is p$ssing me off :pissedoff:

    Veterans' fund must pay MoD £10,000

    By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent
    Last Updated: 1:16am GMT 19/02/2007

    An army charity could lose £10,000 from a fund-raising event because it has to pay the Ministry of Defence for using the grounds of the Royal Military Acadamy at Sandhurst.

    Politicians condemned the Whitehall accountants as "penny-pinching Scrooges" for charging the Army Benevolent Fund, which buys wheelchairs for injured soldiers and gives aid to servicemen's widows and families.

    The charity raised more than £100,000 from last September's three-day Fire on Water spectacular at Sandhurst, attended by 19,000 people, each paying £27.50.

    There was a son et lumière, co-ordinated by Major Sir Michael Parker, the man behind the Golden Jubilee, and the celebrity guests, many of whom did not charge for their appearances, included Patti Boulaye, Dame Judi Dench and Dame Vera Lynn.

    Liam Fox, the shadow defence secretary, said: "Those who gave generously to support veterans and their families will be disgusted to find their money is ending up in Government coffers."

    In a reply to a parliamentary question, Derek Twigg, the minister for Veterans' Affairs, said: "The fact that a charity is to be the main beneficiary is not sufficient justification to set charges aside."

    This Deek Twigg is a total arrse :threaten:
  2. Disgraceful.

    Just pointed this out to Mrs Dingerr and she put it best:

    "Its like charging your mother for staying at your house"
  3. I see he was careful to leave "Service" out of the sentence, so giving the impression it was 'just another charity'

  4. It was called "Music on Fire" not Fire on Water

    anyone know if there is actually any truth in this story?
  5. Derek Twigg - what a cnut.
  6. Come on now - be reasonable. It's only fair that MoD should be reimbursed when people use its resources. Even the Queen has to pay to use her own 'Royal Flight'.

    When Tony and Cherie went on holiday to Egypt they used an RAF jet. Cost to the RAF was £100,000 How much did they have to pay? Err, well actually nothing at all if my memory still serves me.

    OK, that was necessary for Tony's security. What about when Margaret 'Queen of the Air Miles' Beckett whistles up the RAF to fly her back home to Leeds when she's been in Brussels. She must chip in for that. Oh, no she doesn't does she?

    OK, Eurostar is full of common people these days and no self respecting Foreign Minister would be seen dead on a train (unless they had a camera crew in tow - in which case it'd be a second class return please).

    We can therefore let Margaret off with her fondness for traveling in a near empty BAE-146 airliner.

    What about when Cherie had her mum taken on holiday by the RAF shortly after the 1997 election. Gayle Booth doesn't even work for the government does she? Can you guess how much the Blairs coughed up out of their joint income of nearly half a million quid a year?
  7. Sent this to the Bliar Project at No 10.

    Visit No 10's web-site & send them a message :frustrated:

    During a period of time when your government is under attack on a regular basis over its handling of the armed forces, why would your government charge The Army Benevolent Fund, a service charity, for using the grounds of The Royal Military Acadamy Sandhurst?

    If this is to stand, does it follow that you and your ministers will also now pay for using military transport for official and non-official duties?
  8. Nearly bit :thumleft:

    But then I read your post properly :winkrazz:
  9. I'm absolutely furious! I took some of my family to the Saturday show and we were so impressed with everyone's efforts, happily buying raffle tickets and programmes, hoping to swell the coffers a little more. Words honestly fail me when trying to sum up my feelings about this government. :pissedoff:
  10. Well done the MOD not only does it fail to look after ex servicemen it hoses those that do, despicable
  11. I had this a couple of years ago for a major function. Basically DE charge for deprecation of the land and costs regardless of whats actually going on. They are the most jobsworth civil servants out there (and I say that as a CS) and refuse to budge on this ever for fear of setting a precedent. It is an absolute disgrace and utterly inexcusable.
  12. Hats off to you ES i would not be able to compose such a piece under the circumstances. It would end up being punctuated with expletives not even fit to be posted on ARRSE.
  13. Eh? When does land depreciate? Bloody nonsense...f***ing jobsworths.
  14. I agree; I will follow up tomorrow. Bloody Government - they are really getting to me.

  15. Now, there IS a thought............mmmmmmmmm