Veterans' dress standard

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by CrashTestDummy, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. This might seem a bone question, and if not posted in the right forum I apologise.

    Having served in two different Regiment/Corps is it acceptable to wear two badges on my blazer at Remembrance parades, etc?

    I've got a blazer, it's navy blue but seems a little pale to my untrained eye. Is there an accepted colour for blazers?

    Thanks for any sensible replies.
  2. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    if you served in more than one unit wear the primary units badge on your blazer and the others as lapel badges,I don't bother with a Blazer badge but just the lapel badge, any tidy Blazer is OK but some of the Paras seem to favour Maroon blazers in my area
  3. I'd suspect the answer is consult with the relevant regimental/corps associations, and have 2 blazers dependant on which Regmennt\Corps you are "representing" at the time.

    Alternatively if your asked the question which regiment or Corps did you serve in then which ever one you answer the most pick that one
  4. I'd suggest talking to the people you will be parading with and fitting in with their standards.
  5. You don't seem to see them much amongst the younger element these days, on ABF days years ago it was just a mass of maroon blazers but it was mainly the old guys amongst the parade, there weren't that many on show at the recent parade in Colly.
    Plus, I'd be buggered to know where they buy them from!
  6. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    I'm a member of two Associations.
    I don't wear a badge on my blazer & I wear the tie of whichever one I'm with.
    The again we've all seen vets on parade with more badges than a boy scout.
  7. Here or any good school uniform outfitters ;)

    In answer to the only have two badges..what about me..I have RGJ, Gordon Highlanders, The Highlanders, 51st Highland Volunteers and now Royal Regiment of Scotland

    I tend to wear Gordons as I live very much in the traditional recruiting area and its sad to see less and less Gordons each year.

    I know a an ex stew waller that despite being Army Catering Corps, wears Argyll and Sutherland Glengarry etc because he was attached to them. Whether thats being Walty or not I don't know, but no one seems to mind.
  8. After years of new labour and the brownite junta most veterans dress like this:

  9. I agree OB. Traditionally, serving NCOs wear blazer badges and officers don't. As a veteran you get the choice. If you are on an official jaunt, perhaps organised by the Legion then it might be seen as good manners to wear a badge if that is what the parade commander requests but, increasingly nowadays, the head dress and regimental tie are used to show allegiance or affiliation. In these days of informality it's possible that a lot of ex-servicemen only own one suit since blazer and slacks is rarely used even amongst the ex-serving fraternity. I have seen a Green Hard Standard Bearer in a green blazer and quite a few ex-marines in a different coloured green. Ex tanks wear black as do the RN (I think) ex RMP seem to wear a lot of gob down the back of their blazers.
  10. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I like a blazer as it can be worn with almost anything almost anywhere. I only wear a suit where that is the dress code.
  11. So do I, I tend to wear a blazer and chinos quite a lot. Years of wearing suits daily have somewhat taken the shine off wearing them.
  12. I served with two regiments, the Queens Bays and the 1st.Kings Dragoon Guards.
    I have two blazers, one with Bays badge and tother with KDG.
    I have different lapel badges on each.
    I have two berets, one with Bays badge tother KDG.
    I juggle beret and tie as I feel like!
    Both blazers came from charity shops and both together cost less than one blazer badge!!
  13. Thanks chaps, that actually helps a lot. I'm tending to favour the blazer with one badge, tie from the other mob and beret (as they're two completely different colours (no, not RMP ;-) )) mixed and matched :grin:
  14. Going back to pre nineteen canteen days I was told if you wore a blazer badge you could wear the matching tie or a plain tie, never another regimental tie. And while I'm at it, people that wear suits with no tie aren't admitted to any club of which I'm a member. Damned oiks. Standards--mumble mumble.
  15. Can be a very emotive issue post event, and after several beers can be brutal (walt baiting). Normally if a member of a Regimental/Corps Association they would dictate the dress code and this would depend whether the event is formal (funeral/Remembrance/presentation etc;) or casual in house events. In the main, if you wear the badge or medals any badge or medals; one should be entitled to wear it.

    Length of service in any given unit would dictate the seniority of the correct attire (Blazer badge) and then accouterments’ like ties and lapel badges to acknowledge other affiliations. The common today with the younger generation, is more subtle with jacket/suit with Regimental/Corps tie and perhaps a veteran’s badge, or British Legion lapel pin, nothing wrong with that.

    I have witnessed an affiliated member banned from an Association for turning up wearing a Glengarry (TA attached to Scottish Regiment on Ex for two weeks in 1972) and three different cap badges adorned said head wear, none of which he was entitle to wear. He was very, very slated before being ejected from the premises.