Veterans day tomorrow

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ugly, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The subject came up at work today and I was wondering what was being done to mark this if at all? Either way here's a pint to those who make it to being a nearly old and bold like I!
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    As usual one site IWM for activities, unless they make this a public holiday, no one will take notice!
  3. Another New Labour Blairite initiative.

    I wonder if anyone will even be remotely interested!
  4. trouble is most of us will be working that day :(

    the event would have been better held on a weekend along with world cup and i could imagine the Oldies jumping up in the air arthiritis permitting for each England goal ! :D
  5. We held our Regimental Gathering/Veterans' Day events over the weekend. Expected 500; got 710 old soldiers, families and some of the lads from 4 SCOTS complete with 2 WARRIORS on the Saturday and Sunday! The PUMA heli pilot was sent to Iraq a week ago so we lost the chopper display. All in a great weekend and a chance for people from all the antecedent regiments to meet the lads from the latest incarnation of the North of Scotland's infantry. Since most of the soldiers on parade had relatives in the Association it was more like a family party. We got funding from MoD as it was the major event in the Highlands apart from the Fat Boy Slim rock concert on Loch Ness which was for deaf young coots rather than old ones.......

    We also got loads of help from 1 R IRISH - thanks lads "Faugh a balliewotnot!" - what a 'can do' regiment they are! They will be sadly missed when they leave Inverness next year.

    However we have seen little or no sign of other events specifically aimed at our veterans' ie the Associations up here. There has been little publicity so people don't know if there is anything going on in their area. The calendar on the Veterans' Agency website etc is practically empty.

    In fact the only thing I could find for London is

    this event in London with a band, some chefs, Marines up a wall etc. Nothing shown for most of Scotland and our event wasn't listed either.

    Expect it to be quietly dropped over the next year or so.....or moved to the Saturday before Remembrance Sunday or something.
  6. Seems like the VA website is down atm. The event location details can be seen here, or if you happen to be near Crewe, here :wink:
  7. Should Regiments bear their flags at half mast on veterans day? Out of respect for the troops that didn't recieve the Veteran title, I think yes.
  8. Well, that was Veteran's day!

    I tried not to blink!
  9. bugger, would have gone to the London do if I had known, to see the Irish band and mebbe snaffle some celebrity chef army cooking
  10. Yes, well... I was talking to a couple old boys who were right disappointed with the London event. Apart from not having that much activities to watch and to grab the attention of 'those who don't know', they were mightly annoyed that the NAAFI tent was beerless 8O and resorted to the nearby pub.

    All in all, I thought it was okay for its first one, maybe a little more representation of the different regts (while they still exist) instead of the few displayed for the next one, and perhaps from commonwealth countries too (althought space was sparing), more activities for audience and encouragement for schools/colleges to attend. At least today can be taken as a tester for next year. Lunchtime turn-out looked full and busy, press in abundance and the ladies looked pleased at the PT display.
  11. Received my Veterans badge the other day. Badge is great; shame it was accompanied by a poorly photocopied, creased and torn note from a nobody in parliament thanking me for twenty years of service. That said, it was the only thanks I did get!

    still, the badge is quite nice. That said, I'd rather the money for producing badges had been allocated to improving the survivability of SNATCH vehs in Iraq, or improving the recruitment in the Infantry.
  12. I rang my father and wished him "Happy Veterans' Day". For some strange reason, he immediately became very abusive and I had to leave the 'phone on the table until he had calmed down.

    Silly bastard! Anyone would think he had spent 5 years in the Army, fighting his way across half of Europe, against both the Wops and the Huns, without any reward whatsoever!

    Bloody older generation! Never grateful!

  13. Thanks Cabarfeidh. Sounds a fantastic weekend as expected. What a pity our weekend was double-booked - after paying for the tickets too! but I did get to one of the parades. Re future local events, I was at a veterans' meeting today (last meeting of the Burma Star branch) at which this very question came up. Someone said the local RBLS branch would be holding a service but this would not be a public event, and thus not eligible for a contribution from public funds.

    I suspect that public bodies will want to see evidence of demand from the veterans themselves before instigating future events. Your Association might wish to discuss it.

    PS - I agree ref 1 R IRISH - faugh a ballagh!
  14. silly old codger, those old folks don't realise how easy they had it, fish and chips, light and bitter, bracing walks and Pathe news, and all they do is moan :wink: