Veterans Day Thingy

Saw this advertised in the paper today for the 27th June, so, er, like what is it ????

Quick google brings up an outline that seems to be a quasi Rememberance Day with church services and cenitaphs etc, I vaugley remember someone harping on at this as a day for squaddies as opposed to remembering the dead, but from what I have seen its more of the same old same old

What I really want to know is can I big it up at work by wearing my regimental tie (even though its not a Friday) and shiney things to make the blokes jealous and the laaaaadies all moist in the unmentionables ?
This is just Scum Blair and his cronies trying to pretend they give a flying f**** about the forces.

How about putting a bit of effort into getting the manpower and logistics correct for tasks they want the forces to peform?

Of couse this is cheeper.

Bollocks to them I say. I do not need Blair and his scum to tell me what the troops do is great we already know it. If the forces are becomming unpopular it is because of his policies and he should think about that rather than use the forces for his latest pro B Lair and his scum party publicity stunt.

How long will it be before we find out his bitch makes money out of this. I am sure she will be able to find a human rights angle on this to make a fast buck.

Then again I may be biased because I hate both Blair and his bitch.

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