Veterans Day Germany

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dusty362, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. BF(G) UK Veterans' Day
    . Reminder that you must pre register for the event. You do not need a BF(G) Installation pass but you will need some identification.
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Am I the only one thinking 'this will get me a tick in the box on my next annual report'?
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    For listening to the AGC band I would expect more compensation....

    Reading the programme it seems as attractive as flying Ryanair..
  4. They really are having a laugh with this !

    Fancy a casual fun Saturday out at the BFG Veterans day event ? Yes ?
    Right, to go:
    1. Fill out an application form in advance for the scrutineers committee.
    2. Once screened for criteria fit & approved you can come to the party.
    3. Remember to bring along your pfz (polizeiliches führungszeugnis) criminal records bureau check certificate. Seriously, that`s what it says in the instructions.
    4. Just do as you`re told once you get there, just like old times.
    5. The schedule looks like an extract from standing orders or what western reporters get handed by their politbureau minder when they arrive in North Korea to do a documentary.

    It is not advertised on the BFG veterans web page & the event is less than 3 weeks away.

    Is all this deliberate perhaps ?

    The GOC is going to have an audience of 1 in the cinema.

    Looks like a concerted attempt to make sure it is a complete disaster so they do not have to bother going through the motions with this veterans initiative charade any more. Who`s bright idea was this, it`s just causing a whole load of extra work, smiling, asking them questions about their family, what they do, having to act like you`re really interested.
  5. I wonder if itll be as good as the Veterans Day BBQ the Med Regt held in Munster a couple of years ago, they didnt invite any veterans despite there being 4 RAMC veterans (WO1, WO2 & 2 x Cpls) actually working in the barracks (and one of the Retd Cpls was actually married to a 1 Med Regt SSM!)
  6. Probably stil tryng to find the guys who stabbed the DJ in the 69 Bar, Munster - back in 73.
  7. I shall be going - I enjoyed the one at Sennelager two years ago.

    And if it's rainig I can watch it all from my office.
  8. Has this whole 'Veterans' thing really taken off or is it a case of the Army merely being seen to be doing the 'right thing'? I have to say that whilst I wouldn't dig at those who feel the need, personally I just can't be bothered with it.
  9. Which you have to pay for and get from Rathaus :D
  10. I regret to say, that I think you are quite right.

    In many ways it gives me an impression of them, grudgingly, just wanting to be seen to be going through the motions of trying to do the right thing for political correctness.

    Depressingly, I have the feeling that it will be quietly allowed to drop again at the right time, when it suits them to do so

    Many, I have spoken to, like yourself, just can`t be bothered with it, probably because they suspect, what I think above, to be true. For those who do wish to participate, they make it so complicated & awkward one would think it is almost deliberately designed to put you off.

    I have had an application in for one of these veterans passes for 19 WEEKS ! so long in fact, for something you would think was relatively straightforward & simple, that I am wondering why I ever bothered in the first instance, they are making such a meal of it.
  11. Ah, you`ve been there too !

    Who the hell gets the idea to invite people along to a social event & suggests they just bring along a copy of their Criminal Records Bureau check to get in ! Whoever dreamt up that one must be in the Barmy Army.
  12. Pre- register ! ?

    What is this ?

    Chelsea Flower Show, a Talent Contest or is the Queen coming a long too.
  13. We just don't seem to do 'Veterans' like the Americans do. I just don't think that the Brits are that bothered really. It wasn't that long ago that there was a bit of an outcry about failure to recognise previous service, demands for ID cards which would let you use the NAAFI (what the f*ck for is beyond me as most serving personnel complain like f*ck about it, so why would you want to go back there as a civvy?), badges...Christ, what is it with f*cking badges? and car passes to get back into places that you couldn't wait to get out of when you were serving.

    Admittedly, it's not my thing personally and for those of you who are into it, crack on by all means, but I just don't see what it achieves apart from annoying the sh*t out of people half your age who are still serving and have better things to do with their lives than to entertain a bus load of fat blokes in blazers and berets.

    As for the complex approach to this'd have to ask yourself whether it was actually worth going to?
  14. Parag.1. You`re quite right, I could`nt more.
    Parag.2 Annoying the sh 1 t out of people half your age is the whole point of being a veteran. To do that you need to be well fed & wear the veterans uniform.
    Parag.3 I have asked myself & concluded it is not worth going.
  15. Having only left last year and still working in the camp i was serving in i never feel the urge to go and see anything remotely yet.
    Maybe in a decade or so when i get a bit more sentimental, i do how ever wear my veterans badge daily at work with pride.