Veterans Day Atlanta

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by zippy483, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Hi all

    Just a quick question, how is veterans day marked in the US, would it always be on the 11/11 or like over her in blighty is it marked at all on the closest Sunday to the date.

    I am due to be spending 3 weeks in Atlanta during November and would like to pay my respects as I do every year, so would be grateful for any information that may be forthcoming.

    would it be appropriate to wear a poppy as we do in the UK or would that be considered bad form (Haig fund being a UK charity and all).

    Many thanks
    Zippy 483[marq=right]
  2. Veterans' Day is the 11th. It's a Federal Holiday and as such is a day off.

    I don't see anyone having an issue with a poppy, though I'm not sure many people would understand it.

    Bear in mind that Veteran's Day is a different concept to Rememberance Day in the UK: Our closest equivalent is Memorial Day, which is in May. The basic difference is that Memorial Day is a day for remembering those servicemen who died, whilst Veteran's Day is a celebration of military veterans who are still alive. It's a much more upbeat sort of event, with parades and flagwaving, as opposed to a day for going down the local military cemetary.

    The reason for the discrepancy in dates is that Memorial Day (formerly known as Decoration Day) started after the US Civil War. It made more sense to make a new holiday to commemorate the Armistice than move the one which already existed.

  3. Cheers C_T not sure I'll get the day off but I will keep my eye open for local events don't mind flag waving at all brothers in arms so to speak