Veterans Day 2007- Birmingham

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by spitlock, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. As im sure most of you already know, this years main Veterans day event is taking place in Birmingham (starting on the 27-06-07).
    As a newbie to this kind of thing, was wondering should I wear my medals?? Do I just turn up and get involved, I want to go to pay my respects to fallen comrades obviously but whats the best way to go about it?

    Any one else going? or anyone who attended last years who could maybe shed a little more light on it? the official website isnt very imformative and Birmingham City Council aren't much help


  2. Yer right Spitlock, theres a chronic lack of info, I think B/ham City Council has other priorities. (frightened they may offend someone no doubt). :x

    I`m just gonna turn up a see whats happening. You could contact your local British Legion, they will know more regards getting "officially" involved.

    Other than that, the only thing I`m certain of, is the Parade down Broad street on July 1st.
  3. cheers guys, think im just going to turn up and see what happens, no doubt there'll be someone to go for a pint with, im gutted I cant make it on the 1st as it sounds like the better day,

    Any ideas on dress?
  4. Id opt for full CS95, CRBN state Romeo Alpha, and full CEFO.

    Nothing like going prepared :wink:
  5. thats what I usually wear when popping down broadstreet or if I fancy a spot of shopping in the Bullring, cant be too careful in Brum
  6. I know what you mean spitlock,
    Just look at what TOA taxis have as their latest line of luxury cabs......

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  7. lets hope its a better turn out than last saturday, when we played rugby at harlequins to raise funds for the guys with PTSD, sad lack of navy and marines personel there.
  8. Sure I saw one of those outside Snowhill the otherday Suits_U, ive heard falcon cars will be using saxons as of this weekend, I mean it could b worse, the parade could be taking place down Stratford Road in Sparkhill, I just hope people of that nature keep away
  9. Other events around too - certainly one in central Walsall Saturday 23rd.

    Can't find any web link but I understand a parade from 11:00 - St Pauls anyone ?
  10. Couldnt agree more mate.
    I'll definately be attending, just not sure which day yet.
  11. Sure ive seen 11:30 st. Pauls sq, but 1100 would be a good time to get there.
  12. Can anyone give me an answer on dress? serious this time please guys
  13. Are you going to any of the events as an invited guest?
    If not and you are just having a butchers round, then im sure you can wear anything you like.
    Im sure many of the old and bold will be there in suits/medals.
    So I would have thought, no matter what you wear, you wont be the only one.
  14. Agreed, I'd go in civvies/whistle pal.