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Veterans chain themselves to Buck Palace in protest


Book Reviewer
Bout time. Although given they were SAS and para reg. respectively you may have just started a walt hunt.
Trans-sane said:
Bout time. Although given they were SAS and para reg. respectively you may have just started a walt hunt.
Trans, I know these two guys personally and they aren't walts, they are also known to most of the Airborne lads on here too.


Book Reviewer
Thank god for that. Just seems that the merest hint of a sand or maroon beret gets the walt hunter foaming at the mouth. I suspect rabies.
Good Lads

88 and 74 and they have still got the the balls.

hip hip and a jolly good hurrah!

There's a few of us that could take a leaf out of their books.

saintstone said:
Been done already, spaz :-
Doh! I had a little look but couldnt see it.

Ah I didnt see it cos its in the NAAFI hinterlecshuls like meself only read the current affairs board.


Book Reviewer
Hat truly doffed in their general direction. They have highlighted in the most miserable way, the appalling contempt in which our personnel are treated.

How utterly, utterly miserable it makes me feel that these two gents have to go to such lengths to get the point across to the scum politicians who let us all down so badly.
Top men. Thank you.

Slightly off topic, but if Gobment is serious about social changes for the better then instead of forcing many pensioners into borderline poverty they might want to sit down, shut the fcuk up for a change, listen to what these guys have to say and show then the respect they deserve.
You Gotta love this pair!

I like the the look on George Kays face confronted with a tooled up copper.

George, "He thinks hes ally Rick".

Ricky, "Ally? Pah! I sh*t em!".

Heart warming.
Good on them. Had the pleasure of Mr Kays company one airborne forces weekend when he outed a walter mitty at the event, pure class in the way he delt with it, all ducks in a row before the outing of said walt.

well done lads

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