Veterans barred from wearing medal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 7, 2007.

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    So who stops them wearing them and whats the penalty?
  2. Something you wouldn't understand. PRIDE.

    There may be some that wear the medals, but if this is not sanctioned by the powers that be, some veterans may feel it will be somewhat akin to wearing medals for campaigns they were never involved in.

    I would suspect that most veterans would not wear medals that have not been officially awarded as they would feel nervous and afraid that someone in the know would question them about the medal and thus cause great embaressment.
  3. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    In the Indian Army, general service medals are for those who have served in operational areas (since in India, the insurgency areas are operational) and the Campaign medals for for specific campaigns that are fought in the operational areas.

    Foreign medals for some campaign or the other is also permitted and worn the the lowest order of precedence.

    General Service, per se, I presume, would not identify the person to a specific campaign worth note and hence the Malaysian medal possibly would indicate the actual combat service that the person had rendered.
  4. Trouble being any medal that has a ribbon that looks like an RLC stable belt is bound to attract attention.
  5. Is it fcuk. They have been awarded a medal for a campagne they were in. They haven't just bought it down the market.

    That it isn't sanctioned is all well and good, but who will enforce it? They can't do anything about walts wearing medals they didn't win, so what can they do about heros wearing medals they DID.

    The medal falls in to the same category as the Kuwaiti throwing star, they handed out for Granby. If "bling" medals can be bought and worn, to represent service, this can be worn surely.
  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    There is nothing to stop veterans wearing this medal other than 'etiquette' and no sanction could be applied that I'm aware of.

    It's worth noting that the vast majority of these veterans will already have received a GSM (or just the clasp) for 'Malaya', 'Brunei' or 'Borneo'. While it's nice to get a second medal from a foreign government, the general impression given in most of these stories is that 'these poor old boys aren't recognised by their own government, and they aren't even allowed to wear the Malaysian medal...', which just isn't true.
  7. A bit of a strong reaction there. Wearing a medal for campaign service that you did not do is nothing like wearing a genuinely earned medal from a foreign government.

    It would be a bit crass to wear that medal alongside a GSM awarded for the same reason though.
  8. This is no different to Op Granby vets not wearing Saudi or Kuwaiti issued medals. These were accepted by the UK government as a memento only. Malaysian vets have already recieved their recognition from the government by the award of the GSM and Clasp.
  9. I have seen one of the Yeoman Warders at the tower of london wearing the Saudi/Kuwaiti ribon on his official uniform.
  10. The National Malaysia and Borneo Veterans Association has al the info on the "Pingat Jasa Malasia", which can, it appears, be worn. ut only on Special occasions. But then who is going to tel a "Vet" to take down his well earned gong, I reckon anyone who tried it might get a mouthfull of knuckles. Just musing tho, just musing.
  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Ditto and elsewhere!

    Probably the worst case I've seen similar to this is where an individual wore a Silver Jubilee minature even though he was never awarded it. Obviously the stingy awarding of Silvers (won't repeat the story) was pants and the tailor for the individual concerned just tagged it on as it was his opinion the MOD and not HRH would have an issue and they can go facking swing.

    Which is probably correct but 'wrong'.. Thoughts?
  12. Just a detail: that would be two ribbons.
  13. Ditto. Dingerr is it necessary to state that Armchair Jihad does not understand PRIDE as the first thing you say in your response? Are you some sort of Guru with God's gift at interpreting PRIDE. I think an apology is in order Dingerr.
  14. The official UK position is at;
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Ditto, but then I suppose that there's some history between those two posters somewhere. Perhaps Dingerr has never won a gong and can't tell teh difference between the rights to wear and the rights to earn.. Or is he just coming across like that?