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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by hackle, Apr 10, 2005.

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  1. Any sightings of the new official Veterans Badges?

    I think the first recipients were quite rightly to be WW2 veterans taking part in this year's commemorations, with the issue being extended soon to those leaving the services.

    WW2 veterans' badge applications being coordinated by the British Legion, although of course not restricted to Legion members.

    I happened to be speaking this weekend to the local secretary of a major WW2 veterans organisation, who mentioned that although his branch had submitted applications they had not heard anything yet.

    Leaving things a bit late for planned commemorations starting in May? Sounds familiar somehow. I wonder if anyone has heard anything more.
  2. I'm not being funny but what's a veteran's badge??
  3. Will get a link for it.
  4. Please, I want to see what all the fuss is about
  5. Ivor Caplin launches Veterans Badge

  6. Seen, but I can't understand the fuss. I know I'm going to get A LOT of flak for this but it only seems to honour the WW2 veterans, not everyone else. If I have missed the point then I apologise.
  7. Priority was supposed to go to the WW2 (and WW1) veterans for maybe obvious reasons but I think it has already been decided to issue it to new leavers starting some time this year, and "depending on demand" they may make it available to post-WW2 veterans.
  8. Again thats great but I'm not sure if they deserve a badge. More or less everyone in the forces is a veteran of one campaign or another. It's like I said, I don't want to knock anyone but why give them a badge?
  9. Sorry. you got the post in before me. I understand now. :D
  10. I will take that as a no to my request for information then! :wink: Perhaps someone will know.
  11. Thanks, KFM
  12. Mate - I didn't mean to take the piss. See my last post.
    Sorry for being a biff :D
  13. Had lunch with a chap on Friday Who was leaving after 43 years service (Regular/TA/NRPS) He was wearing one. Very proud of it to.
  14. Anyone got any more info about these badges? Basically wondering what is happening about distributing badges to WW2 veterans in time for this year's 60th anniversary commemorations which start in May.

    And no, I am not a WW2 veteran :wink: