Veteran's Badge

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FredWest, Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. Half serious, does the Veteran's Badge actually gain us anything?

    Taking the eldest lad to that there London in a couple of weeks, for a bit of father/son time, what can we blag with it?

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  2. A little pride.
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  3. It may get you ridicule

    Its a shitty little badge that most people would fail to recognise / identify

  4. Museums are free in London.
  5. Do you want a medal?
  6. Good Evening

    What for !

  7. Fred, glad you asked. In some respects it confers the same clout as the Military Covenant. In as much as it's a political sop that sounds good, but costs nothing (and achieves less).

    Sign up today! One free lapel badge and, while stocks last, a free faux parchment scroll of the Military Covenant.
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  8. A beheading from some nutjob, maybe!
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  9. I got a reduction on entry fee to Chatham Historic Dockyard after I asked.
    The boy on the desk didn't seem to know what I meant but didn't refuse or question.
  10. Watch out FW. The veterans badge is a fiendish plot to obtain up to date addresses for all of us cold warriors who have no medals due to the 3rd Shock Army being big girls' blouses. Due to kit cutbacks, if there's a war now, MoD will have to call up blokes who know how to operate all the stuff that's been in storage since 1989

    Could you name the one moving part of an SMG? Could you find the gas regulator on THAT rifle? Do you know that puttee isn't stuff you put in a window frame? Could you overhaul the boilers on a Leander class frigate? Could you plot a course on a Decca chart? Do you still have the leather flying helmet issued when you qualified as an Avro Shackleton pilot?

    If you can answer "yes" to any of those questions then be careful because they want you, they want you, they want you as an old recruit.
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  11. I had to do a web search to refresh my memory what the Veteran's Badge looks like. I found one page with hundreds of photos from the current conflict to Normandy Veterans Association. Tucked amongst them was this:

  12. If it gets me duty free booze, I'm all for it.
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  13. I'm not doing any PT, they can forget it.
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  14. PT? Fuck that for a game of soldiers, too old and fat for that shit.
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  15. You get a free dhobi bundle,7 items only,supply your own string.