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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by shandyswiller, Jul 7, 2005.

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  1. That is so totally unfair.

    I served in the TAVR for 4 years; two years commissioned service, P-Company and Para trained, before joining up as a private soldier. I served 6 years in the Regular Army as a REME avionics technician, including service in Northern Ireland, until I completed my Class 1 upgraders course at Middle Wallop and was suddenly (all tied up and wrapped away in about 6 weeks) kicked out on a 9.414 as "unsuited to military life" by a snotty CSM who'd just come straight from Depot and was determined that he (I quote) 'was not going to have someone like me in his Army". I lost my career, I lost my friends, I lost my life. At the time I was just so totally devastated that I numbly did as I was told (some shite even raided my MFO box and stole every single piece of extra equipment that I had acquired over the years ... and of course no-one knew a damn thing about it when I came to collect all my things -- which had been en-route back to BAOR where my German fiancee was expecting me). I had no money, no job, nowhere to live. It took me a long time to rebuild my life.

    Now, 24 years later I am delivered the ultimate insult of discovering that I am not entitled to a veterans badge. You bunch of miserable t*&^s. Just how low can a government sink?
  2. Simon, look up the other veterans badge thread. It seems that as long as you've worn a pair of lightweights for more than five minutes you are elegible. Current cut off year is 1984 but that will roll on.
  3. Simon

    Put that way, you have a point.

    An individual could put in years of useful service (as you did) before being discharged as SNLR. Not fair to refuse the badge in such circumstances. OK for someone who had served two minutes before being kicked out on a 9.414.

    If you had never enlisted as a Regular, it seems you would have qualified for the veterans badge in respect of your TA service. You had 2 years TA OR service then 2 years TA commissioned service, so you had an engagement which came to an end when you resigned your commission.

    Without misleading anyone, you might consider applying for the badge solely on the basis of your TA service?

  4. I vowed i'd never be seen dead wearing that thing. When mine finally arrives you can have it!
  5. Not quite the same though is it when you receive it like that. Surely every case should be judged on its merit rather than set rules, I know its only a badge and I will probably never wear mine but if I was told I couldnt have one for whatever reason I would be fuming.
  6. I agree.

    Hot news on the Veterans Badge front! Applied for mine not long ago, and was quite looking forward to two or three years' girning about its non-arrival.

    It arrived today! Quite smart really and in a nice jewellers box. Not sure when I would wear it. But I know a few Burma veterans who have the badge already, and its an honour to be able to share anything with these gentlemen and one lady.
  7. Well, I applied anyway about a week ago, and using my regular service number (I could have used my TA OR service number or my TA officers number). The badge arrived today. I'm not sure I will ever have the opportunity (I hardly ever wear my Northern Ireland badge), but it restores a little of my faith in justice to at least have the option (even if it was perhaps a mistake to issue it).

  8. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Wear it on Rememberance Day with pride ... you earned it.
  9. Dry your eyes princess, its a rough old world, i wear mine with pride cos I earned it and deserrve it
  10. What northern ireland badge???
  11. Northern Ireland Veterans Association:

    Only 411 registered users so far, and a very low level of activity, but
    I think it's good to remember. I lost a couple of friends in NI and a few more in the FI, but it only seems to be the Falklands that draws any attention. The Forces personnel who died in NI were no less brave, and their sacrifice not a fraction smaller.
  12. Of course there will not be any official attention for NI:

    The RUC were destroyed to appease SF / IRA who would never forgive them for standing up to their terrorism.

    The witch hunts against anyone who SF / IRA still want to have their revenge on continues.

    In the meantime the terrorists of SF / IRA want a museum to the glory of their terrorism on the site of the Maze prison, which they will almost cerainly get. They know that in the end Blair will roll over, just as he has on all issues so long as they retain the ability to go back to the murderous ways.

    and the enemy gets to pretend that they are "men of peace" and have had power habded them on a plate by the Blair government who could not surrender power quickly enough.

    The people of NI have been sold down the river into the hands of the terrorists with the ludicrous idea that somehow the terrorists whould be remembered as heroes with their museum, but damnation to any member of the RUC or army who stood up to them. Remember for Blair and his ilk, anyone who actually stands up for the country is not for them. This is the man who has single handedly done more to destroy the UK and hand us all over to the is unelected cronies in the EU than anyone else since that traitor Heath lied to the country about the Common Market. He truely see no difference between the police and army on one hand and SF / IRA on the other. To him we are all the same and have the same moral standing.

    Meanwhile with his farcial "war on terror" continues and Blair continues to pretend that he will stand up to terrorists!