Veterans badge

I've lost my white veterans badge. Somehow ripped through my leather jacket and probably decorating some Walt somewhere by now. Is it possible to buy a replacement does anyone know?
I contacted the VA when I misplaced mine, and they kindly replaced it for free - though they did say that if I lost it again, they'd have to charge for it.

Just gave them all my service details, and they were v obliging!
AHA.... useful thread! I managed to lose mine as well. Will follow this up and see where it gets me! Thanx all.
:D Morning all
Vets badges
Staight from the horses mouth [I think he said his name was Ron]
If you have a broken badge send it to vets agency [google it for adress) and they will replace free of charge.
Lost badges 1st replacement free then you have to buy them. he didn't mention how much though.
Hope this helps.

Just-plain-Dave....roger that! Can confirm (having just spoken to the Veterans agency) that they do provide a free replacement in the first instance.

Spoke to a very nice chappy on the phone who took the relevant details and informed me that one would be in the post asp. Contact number: 0800 1692277

Thanx for the info bud! :lol:

PS. My original was made in the UK by Compton & some such other! They never responded to emails when i contacted them in the first instance.... gits!
New pin received.... so the original info from JT0475 and JPD is obviously sound. Now trying to think up a novel way to lose this one! :wink:

Thanx chaps!
BenghaziBandit said:
From a very good source I understand these are/were produced in China, which pleased Korea vets! :(

If they were manufactured in China, isn't it a little misleading to send them out in presentation boxes marked as, in my case, Toye, Kenning & Spencer Ltd. London?

Now I didn't think for one second that they were manufactured by some exclusive outfit in the UK, but I personally think that they should have left the box plain rather than try to bamboozle me with this bullshit.

It is of no great matter, the badge sits in its box in a drawer of my desk along with my few other Army mementos, Red book, GSM etc and there it will stay until I croak. Then my son can do what he pleases with it.
So i could have nicked yours instead of groveling for a new one!!!! :)

.... and don't even get me started on the "Red book"!!!!! Message from General Jackson, telling me what a valuable contribution i'd made over my 26 year career.... the fact that the heading had my number but a completely different rank and name really made me feel like my "valuable contribution" had been appreciated. Reading on i noticed that they had completely missed off one of my medals!!!!!

Enough being enough.... i took out the blue sheets outlining my job spec in "Civvy speak" and threw the rest of the crappy thing into a deep drawer somewhere. How bloody offensive! :x
Today a Veterans Badge on a leather jacket, tomorrow the hatch on a nuclear submarine...tcha-tch! :)
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