Veteran's Badge question

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Spot_the_Dog, Jul 7, 2013.

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  1. I've recently lost my Veteran's Badge and tried to get the Veterans Uk to send me a replacement (all the way to Thailand, offering to cover the postage.) Unfortunately they do not seem to answer emails so I reverted to eBay. Now my question is, is it supposed to have a pin back or a safety pin?

    Cheers in advance
  2. Dear god, man. Do you walk around with a bullseye painted on your face?
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  3. No, do you, you trump sniffer?
  4. Reported for crayoning.
  5. They have those cheap sharpened spike bits with the flimsy fiddly clip.

    It's all very high quality and in no way should be taken as a useless token of faux appreciation.
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  6. Ah, so you are also a 'Dammit! Veteran' - which is exactly how it happened!
  7. A quick check reveals that they go for silly money on eBay. I shall be listing mine very shortly...
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  8. Not usually, I was invited to The Queen's birthday party reception, and I've got to go to the embassy for November's remembrance parade. There are loads of ex-SAS/SF guys drinking in the bars over here in Thailand with no badges on at all, but then they "don't like to talk about it..."
  9. Fair play, I didn't mean the badge, just the question about it in here!
  10. Hahaha! It is mad, some go for 20 quid, and others as high as 65. It will probably be part of your grass leave package, a badge and a eBay account.
  11. Grow a pair, Mary, you started it.
  12. Oh right, yeah it's not my cup of tea, it was requested by the embassy to 'wear medals' and a lounge suit. I was also asked to join the RBL over here, but I really don't have any time to remember the good ole days and pretend it was tougher back then. All mindless BS to me, but the offer at the reception of free alcohol and some decent imported scran and I'm a complete medal whore.
  13. Free alcohol, you say? I'd get myself dressed up like a russian general for a free vodka.
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  14. Sov Walt.

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