Veterans badge - Eligibility to shop in NAAFI?

Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by flyingmonkey, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    I was recently away at the ARRSE battlefield tour to Verdun. We got talking about the veterans badge and one ARRSE'r was under the impression that as a badge wearing veteran, you are entitled to shop at NAAFI for non rationed goods. Could any body confirm or deny this?
    Could I nip up to JHQ from my home here in Belgium, wearing my veterans badge and use the NAAFI at JHQ?

    Your patiently

  2. Theres a Veterans badge? Where do I get one? Off ebay?

    I don't think that you will...cos you have to get on the camp first and I doubt they will let you on camp with just your you will have to find one that is off camp like the one at 7 Sigs (if it is stll there that is) and give that a bash.
  3. I should imagine if you have your badge and a British Passport you'll get in, if it's in a barracks it's up to the resident Battalion whether they let you in or not.
  4. F*ck the NAAFI.

    This looks like a much better deal for Veterans in BFG...

    So, UK rail companies - can you match that?
  5. I think this will put a downer on the NAAFI experience

    In regards to access to the NAAFI, you will be able to buy items for immediate personal consumption on the premises in NAAFI facilities such as cafes, shops and Pay as you Dine restaurants. Please be aware that you are personally responsible for restricting your purchases to immediate consumables. Abuse of this concession may result in the withdrawal of the Installation Access Pass.

    So you can't take your pies home! (although you are responsable for you not taking your pies home)
  6. Yes I saw that. This was posted some time ago and the link to the article with a grinning MP (fcuk knows why) waxing lyrical about it is now dead. But IIRC, there was talk of the scheme being extended in the future and to include the Naafi.
  7. Who'd want to buy anything from the NAAFI? It's the biggest rip off organisation in the UK.
  8. And in BFG. The scheme allows vets to use some of the camp facilities. As they don't have gyms in Germany? :roll:
  9. Quite. Dodged the f*cking place while I was there and wouldn't want those wanchors to have any more of my money.

    However, if a foreign company (DB) can offer such an amazing deal to Brits, serving and retired, how come:
    a) the useless f*cking NAAFI can come up with such a half arrsed deal
    b) British rail companies can't match what a foreign company offers?

    tossers the lot of them.
  10. Where else are you going to get jammy dodgers in Germany?
  11. 3ltr bottle of Smirnoff Vodka for 39DM (at the time) was a bargain!
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I travel on Jerry trains irregularly, I just called DB and asked about this and they did not know - they asked where I heard about it, so I gave them the bfgnet info, but there appears to be nothing in the way of an agreement in English or German on the site.
    I'm in DE tomorrow and will ask again in person.......
  13. There is a list of stations where you can get these tickets (sorry, not got access to it at the mo).

    It is mostly in main towns/cities in garrison areas.
  14. Thanks for the replies guys