Veterans are Terrorists?

Look, I'm not prone to responding to hysteria, but this doesn't sit well with me. I guess I can see the point, and I have some friends who've come back and been real heated about some things that are happening, but I feel this may be extreme.

The rampant Islamophobia of the Bush years bothered me enough, but this? This all plays on bad hollywood stereotypes of violent drunken veterans.


Trouble is "terrorist" has been so over-used and mis-used that it barely has any meaning anymore. You may recall that after 9/11 every skunk* and his brother used the word to discredit anyone they disagreed with. I remember one occasion when a teachers' union in the states were smeared as "using terrorist tactics" or somesuch — because they suggested they would go on strike over conditions. In the same way everyone is quick to use "fascist" or the "Hitler" word to describe their political opponents. It's rubbish that adds nothing to the debate.

Assuming that even a small proportion of returning troops are embittered and disturbed by their experience (and some of them will be very fucked up, let's be honest), and bearing in mind they have both the experience and the skills to practise violence, it's not unreasonable to expect some trouble.

But I don't suppose it will be "terrorism" any more than were most of the antisocial activities of a minority of Vietnam vets.

I wonder how the US and UK will differ in the effects of returning combat vets, and how they deal with them?

*Politicians, usually.


Here's a thought: suppose a clique of vets, having seen what they've seen and done what they've done, return home determined to see justice is done at last. And suppose that involves taking armchair-jihad's line with a bunch of carefully chosen bayonets to those who voted in favour of the Iraq war?

Well — who are the terrorists?
Interestingly enough Britain experienced this problem after WWI, when a significant proportion of the British Army on returning to "a land fit for heroes" found that things weren't as they expected and revolted. The Government of that period shat enought bricks to build a pyramid. The word terrorist or terrorism was not mentioned in this case, even though Britain had been subject to terrorism on other occasions, siege of Sydney Street being one example.

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