Veterans and Govt Welfare Services Feedback Please

Not wishing to decry the resources, workers and support for our veterans (meaning anyone who has served with HMF) there was a recent incident involving one of our own.

Taking a phone call from an agency working in "Incapacity Benefits", the bloke was pressured to give his address to this agency before they revealed the reason for the call. I heard this ****** shouting down the phone.

It turned out they wanted to question him about his health and seemed to be pressing for a review. Over the phone...remember. Quickly followed by an accusatory "well you'll be chased to attend an appointment" as he huffed and puffed away in his little office.

Haven't they learnt that PTSD is a long term condition, just because they can't always see the condition, it aint going away for this bloke and people like him? And do they do this to severely and physically injured personnel too?

Refusing to acknowledge security concerns even thought this vet' told him that he was in a public place and would not give any details to unidentified people on the phone, the "agent" upset this bloke n proper ...Well done, you ****

If vets' are to get calls out of the blue from Guv "agents" demanding private information on the phone in public, with the intention of reviewing their entitlements, could they not be a bit more polite?

Life is bad enough for some vets' and serving people without Guv's agencies upsetting them. The timing seemed reprehensible.

It took a long while for this guy to be picked up and messed about with assessments and awards for his condition. Funny how those apparently inconsiderate civvy buffoons jump all over us by any means when they think we might no longer be entitled to payments.

And anyone called Norcross recently? Sounded like some college student was on the phone and had absolutely no idea what a recent enquiry was about. "CAB" never heard of it. "Lowered standard of occupation " never heard of it. Don't even start with the old military abbrev's and terms. About as much use as a chocolate rocket. Calls to the Veterans Agency seem to be met with suspicion, and an unfriendly tone. It aint good enough and it wants sorting.

They all know that after verifications and ID checks, they've got a genuine person on the blower. What's with the attitude then?

If they treat all Veterans this way, and employ insensitive officials with no empathy, some folks are in for a rough ride.

Rant over. :D That feels better now.

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