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Had a homeless TA soldier walk into my office Yesterday and I rang Veterans Aid to seeif I could get him any help, They rang his mobile and offered him a place to Kip all within the space of five minutes

Just wanted to say a big Thank you to the young lady on the phone who helped him out

MSI64 walked home with a warm fuzzy feeling which lasted all night :D


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Veterans Aid Christmas Appeal - Indy

If I recall correct, Veterans Aid also supplied overnight grab bags for anyone in the Role 3 Hospital in Bastion?

The article is worth a read.
Case study: ‘I knew nothing but the army’
Peter Foggin, 46, from Newcastle, was in the Army for 16 years, serving in Bosnia, Northern Ireland and Iraq with the Royal Engineers. Last week he moved into Avondale House in Newcastle’s Byker Estate. The project is run by local charity AF&V Launchpad and is helped by funding from ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.
"I was brought up as an Army brat – my dad was in the Army and since the first day I can remember I was orientated that way. When I was 15 he was stationed in Topcliffe in Yorkshire. I didn’t want to be a farmer and there was nothing else to do around there, so I went to the recruiting office and joined up.
"There are good times and bad in the Army, but I enjoyed it mostly. A year before I left in 2000, I split up with my first wife. I decided it was time to try something else, but I didn’t know education, schooling, jobs or anything – all I knew was the military.
I managed to get a decent job working in IT for British Airways, but my second wife got seriously ill and I ended up having to be a full-time carer. That relationship has just come to an end, and the council wouldn’t home me because I’m a single man with grown-up kids, so without this place I’d have probably been on the streets.”


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