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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Drone_pilot, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. If you joined the British Forces before the 31 Dec 1969 you are entitled to this badge,


    Vet's agency

    just fill in the form to apply.
  2. I think you'll find that the criteria is a little wider than that mate.
  3. I think, Field discipline, that the criteria posted on the VAs site is correct as they are the ones who issue it!!!

    Hum, methinks, that perhaps looking at the site and the issuer would present you with an observant clue.......
  4. oldbaldy

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  5. All they ask for is NI Number, Regimental No. Name & Address. Regt/Corps and Years of Service. As DP says just extended to 31st December 1969 - Thats your Start Date, Not date of leaving - SIMPLE
  6. Hang about...I was sent one of these when I was dicharged from the army in July after 22 years. I didn't join until 82 and I've just asked a mate who left at the same time and he got one too. Perhaps they are changing the rules.
  7. No, Anyone discharged since December 2005 also now get one as part of the leaving pack. Intention is everyone who wants one should now be able to apply by end of 2008 or earler.
  8. I was discharged in March 2005 after 22 years and I got one.
  9. I joined in 97, left in June, just received one with my red book
  10. Bloody typical! Anyone who joined after 1969 but left before 2005 doesn't get one of these fabulous items! I want one!! Now!!!

    (It would make a good little skippy-stone at the beach...)
  11. Got mine when mobilised in 2004 for Telic
    but i originally signed up in 1983, bit surprised when it turned up to be honest, I thought the admin bods had fecked up again or Glasgow
  12. I have just applied for mine by emailing the form on their website, should be interesting to see how long it takes to come.
  13. Not so clever now are you?
  14. I called the Vets Agency in regard to repo's being sold.

    I never got the promised phonecall back, Guess their not interested then!
  15. Sorry - December 2004 (May still be wrong, but around then anyway)