Veterans Agency and Welfare

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by walter_mitless, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. This has been discussed before on a few threads, can't find it at the moment - but I agree with you, I have always found the VA (previously War Pensions) to be very helpful (and understanding when the odd expletive escapes :) )

    Should really be a sticky (but that's for MODs to decide)
  2. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    On the other hand, mattygc seems to be having a right old time of it with the Agency - you will have seen his posts HERE
  3. thanks Stonker, for some reason I didn't think to check that thread.

    Seems as though it depends where you are living at the time as to how your are dealt with here for example WPWS are excellent, GP leaves a great deal to be desired - mattygc seems to have experienced the opposite - either way it seems that follow up treatment is pretty dodgy.

    BTW the MOD on the defence forum inquiry doesn't seem that interested in vets medical problems (except perhaps as an afterthought)
  4. WPWS are great, my guy is a diamond. VA are also very good, but like all Govt Depts, they're "that" certain way.

    The main thing I found is, the WPWS will make promises, then go away and do things. Then they come back later. Stunning.

    Question to the Forum: I have the chance for treatment at Combat Stress.
    I don't know...., if any of you have PTSD, or labour under some other similar curse, would you go?...Or have you been already?...

    (Walting on....)
  5. Yes I would go ...

    Go for it Walter. :)
  6. Quote:

    With regard to veterans, their medical care is provided by the NHS rather than the MoD; but we are aware that there are people who think that the MoD's responsibility should extend to veterans, and we will consider all opinions before we write our report. unquote
    So...okay. The good old NHS. They really specialise in war trauma, wounds, and battle fatigue, don't they? yeah of course.....

    Having been labelled a war disabled man, shall I go to my GP or to a support group, when I want to discuss my past? Shall I risk the wrath of religious nuts, who want to have a go because I wore a uniform?
    Shall I risk being called a "Walt" by bonehead civvies whose only claim to fame was, to see every episode of Band of Brothers?

    Shall I go and talk about it to my local Drop-In-Centre? or to my NHS Walk in Centre whenever I feel like crap, due to PTSD, or whenever I get poorly, or even when some ignorant, bone, support worker refuses to accept my condition, my history, and my war pension because HE CAN'T SEE IT (FOR FECK'S SAKE!) Yes I know I'm shouting, sorry.