Veterans' Affairs Pension Question

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Flagrantviolator, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone have a link where I could find the Partial Disability Compensation Tables? Also, need to know how long (on average) it takes for a claim to go through from application to payment. Thanks for any advice,
  2. Mine may be special. No break, but knackered ankle, bones dissolving in joint. Due to multiple sprains while on duty.. Would that be special?
  3. Thanks for the effort, Dan. Did you notice this was in the "Canada" forum, by any chance?
  4. I was told by the Royal British Legion that if there was medical evidence especially x-rays then an admin bod at Claim centre can payout, anything above that ie that would take a specialist doctor to comment on/review the claim would take a bit longer.

    If you see my other threads, my claim is in relation to Mental Health issues :(

    Have you contacted the RBL for advice or assistance? I would not be where i am with my claim if it were not for the help of them.
  5. That will be a 'no' from me i did not; sorry. I just click the "new posts" thread and answer where i can from those results!
  6. Thanks anyways, Dan. Good luck with your claim. If it helps prove mental instability or strangely impulsive behaviour, I give permission to use this thread as evidence to further your cause . ;)
  7. You're woof bark anyway. Ding me on FB with your boring details and I'll see if my Google comes up with anything, because yours is obviously broken.
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