Veteran-specific Stress and Crisis resources list: please help expand this list


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This is an offshoot from discussion on the Supermatelot RIP thread and a holding area to collect resources until a better organisation of the material is collated by someone with proper practical experience. THen this thread can be deleted ot maintain focus on a central, stickied one.

Please add any veteran specific bodies you know off and include the base area. It would be ideal to get organisations all over the country on the list.

These may cover Mental Health / Drugs / Homelessness / PTSD / financial advice services / counselling
Some specialise in text or online communication to encourage contact - please highlight that if it applies.

Veteran's Aid
Est 1932 london based will even retrieve those in crisis abroad

The Veteran's Charity
Est 2008 Barnstaple based

Combat Stress
Free counselling services to veterans (for immediate crisis Samaritans recommended as a first contact)

Firstlight Trust
Veteran and emergency services support

Veteran's Gateway
Partnered with NHS and Samaritans, app available, Cardiff based with cover in England, NHS offshoots in Wales, Scotland, NI.

Nationwide: phone a non judgemental listener, write, email or self-help app
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As Murphys Law has pointed out elsewhere, some may find the content of previous discussions here useful: so here's the thread he pointed to: depression-and-other-mental-health-issues and the resources he listed. A

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Sticky already on the Sapper Forum. Originally for RE, now covers all veterans.




Community Veterans Support.
The Pearce Institute,
840-860 Govan Road,
Glasgow G51 3UU
0141 237 8830
E mail:

"We are a group of serving and former service personnel who along with our civilian colleagues recognise the need to support rank and file personnel both serving and retired who as a result of service suffer from Mental Health illness. “No Duff” is Military Comms meaning “This is Not a Drill”.


When the Black Dog is coming, together we will chase it away!

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Th intention of this thread is as a holding space - I hope any overlooked local links will be lifted for the properley curated thread, then this one can be deleted (or even point to that specific thread) so there is ONE focus.

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