Veteran republican Meehan dies

Veteran republican Martin Meehan has died, aged 62.

Mr Meehan, a major figure in the IRA in the Ardoyne area of north Belfast during the Troubles, was a Sinn Fein councillor in Antrim.

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Should we celebrate by raising a glass to the end of an old adversary who never played by the normal rules of war.

Or is the establishment of peace in the province more important that what we think of an old republican.

Will they openly celebrate when perhaps Margaret Thatcher passes or General Sir Mike Jackson who was both present in Londonderry on 30th January 1972 and at Narrow Water in 1979.
I heard this news when at a Football game at Windsor Park this afternoon, a lot of smiles all round.

Meehan was allegedly involved in the murder of 3 Scottish Soldiers early in the 70's plus a few other murders of security forces personel.

Glad to see this scumbag go.
Did my NIRTT attachment for a day with the REME lads at Flax St Mill Jun 78 and Meehan was the first bad guy's name I ever heard in my very first briefing. Memories.... My first ever codename - any sightings of Meehan were reported as 'Pork Pie Hat'. No wonder the locals were confused as hell by our radio chatter in 1978!

Oh and by the way Marti boy. Burn you bugger...burn! Due a pineapple up yer bum at 2100hrs daily!
Bummer. I'll not be out in the street celebrating at the news but I intend to raise a wee glass of Bush to Mr Reaper for a job well done. I'll ask him to pull his bony finger out mind you. Still a few more characters he could run his scythe over. The sooner the better.
I'm going to have a drink tonight to celebrate the demise of the fatherless cur!

Burn in hell :twisted:

and not a single RIP yet.. mwwwaa haa haa haaa
RIP - Rot In Pieces.

I can only hope the Devil stokes a special fire just for him and his mates.
Chuffed to feck, meehan was a murdering scumbag, was more than involved in the murder of the Jocks, believe he was one of the trigger men, the cnut.

Good,now all we need is the rest of the 'new' respectables to fecking die.
He could have at least taken that rabid old pedophile pPaisley with him. I hope they're cell-mates in hell


One down!
I personally will only be happy when Adams and his hoop dhobi mate McGuinness are worm food.
That day will go down in history, and may well be celebrated with some of my special malt.

Its a travesty that he didn't spend his last days in jail,the spineless barsteward ,feck him and the rest of his ilk

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