Veteran pledges to return medals

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CharlieBubbles, Apr 28, 2009.

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    Veteran pledges to return medals

    An ex-serviceman from Hull has pledged to return his medals in protest at the way the Ghurkhas have been treated by the government.

    Is this the way to do it? We'll see what happens in the House of Commons tomorrow?
  2. I don't believe his action will achieve that much, though I can understand his frustration. The only way to get those in power to do the right thing is to embarrass them.

    What is their HRH the Prince of Wales KG KT GCB AK QSO ADC or the Colonel of the Regiment Lt Gen P T C Pearson CBE doing to address this?
  3. He needs to get those swingers sorted out! Has he never heard of court mounting?? Scruffy fcuker!
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    PA this is not the NAAFI. :roll:

  5. Though I applaud the gentleman from Hull, this action, though meaningful to those who have served, will man nothing to this government.
  6. So? I was being serious.
  7. I would not funk around with the ghurkhas, as the word is, they will bring rememberance day to a complete halt. and invade the M.O.D to boot. These brave soldiers have been used and abused for donkeys years by the british. ---------- FACT. :!:

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Since no-one in the Parliamentary Labour Party has earned a medal, I doubt they'll even notice. Perhaps Ashie with his ill-defined, but strongly asserted, association with the regiment, could enlighten them.
  9. I hope he changes his mind and keeps them,several Gurkha's returned theirs but it made no difference.

    Nothing wrong with swingers,they reflect the light better than court mounted and sound better when you walk/march. To much ribbon showing on court mounted medals!
  10. Exactly.....and therefore give the game away when you're trying to minesweep on remembrance Sunday!
  11. Requirement to come and live in Great Britain: 'Twenty years service'. A Gurkha signs on for fifteen years, and most go 'on pension' after that time.

    As for the assertion that up to a hundred thousand plus, former soldiers and their dependants, will descend on Great Britain - upon what research is this scare figure based?

    How many Bulgarians have arrived here? How many Romanians? How many from the Baltic States? We understand that over a half a million Poles are estimated to have come to Britain.

    How many so called 'asylum seekers' have we had to house and feed and educate and provide medical services for?

    As for the comment about the medals not being 'Court mounted', so what?
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I did that when the appalling 1997 firearms ammendment act (Scottish attempt at a cover up!) was introduced, they sent it back!
  13. Simple solution, reduce number of immigrants allowed into country by number of Servicemen from Nepal and F&C countries. Not just cost neutral probably a revenue generator because most will have pensions and will get jobs.

    Only one problem- there is no real control on immigration.
  14. As a note mate, RN/RM personnel are generally not authorised (iaw their dress regulations) to have medals court mounted (although some do unoffically, and often get B@//@cked for it).

    When I left army my gongs were court mounted, when I joined the navy (dont ask why) I had to take my medals to the tailor on the base to have them swing mounted!!!

    There now court mounted again :D